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Meeting Wrap Up Letters

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Topic: Meeting Wrap Up Letters
Posted By: Capt Fiero
Subject: Meeting Wrap Up Letters
Date Posted: 07 March 2007 at 10:27pm

Well here goes.

Pics are here -

The meeting had 14 cars and lots of people.

  We had a new Member Mark Preddy (hope I spelled that right) with an 85GT that he purchased with a bad motor and is rebuilding the 2.8.   He is just 15 so this will be his first car.  I hope everyone can be quick on the draw with answers to Fiero questions for a new comer.

Terry Beale as promised was at the meeting and discussed in depth the direction the PPPCC is heading.  There are sweeping changes in the midst with there club and he wanted to assure us that we will be welcomed with open arms to any of there meetings or events.  The main topic of discussion with Terry and the club was the All Pontiac Show.   The show entrance fee will be in the $10-$20 range again this year.   It will be held at Softball City in White Rock, they are going to try and get much better signage this year so more people will see where the show is being held.    We got into a discussion about classes and Fiero’s.  Currently some of the other classes have 15+ years of one make and model of a car putting all the GT’s Formulas and assorted body styles in one group.   With us having only 4 years of one make and model car it is hard to justify the cost of 2 classes with 6 awards for 20 cars.  It’s not out of the question mind you.   We could opt for having 2 classes of Fiero’s and only have a 1st and 2nd prize for that class.   Now the question is to draw the line, what would the classes be?  Notchback / Fastback.  That would put Factory Stock Original cars like Ken So’s up against cars like Smurfs modified Notchback and Clynts custom V8.   Ok well that would not really be fair.  So how about Modified / Stock.  2 issues arise when you look at it that way.  What is Stock, where do you draw the line on a 20 year old car?  Would a non stock stereo void you, would aftermarket wheels void you?  Who is going to be the one to say how much can be changed and can’t be changed.   Would it be fair for the public opinion to judge which is more appealing a stock 4cly coupe vs. stock Fastback.   The people that vote on these cars are Jon and Jane Doe from the public.    I know that a Fiero owner will be able to tell what parts are suppose to be there and what parts aren’t. 

So I am looking to the club to let me know what you think the break down should be to honestly be fair.   

Pre Registration for the show was another issue. Coming from a sear financial standpoint. It is really hard to expect then to give us 2 classes with multiple awards when they don’t know how many cars will be showing up.  Last year there was only 5 people pre-register, yes we had something like 20+ cars in the show.  But they had no idea how many cars would really show up.  Heck I did not know how many people were for sure going to show up.  Lisa asked Terry if they were going to use the same pre reg forms this year as last year and he said they were.  So it was proposed that we get them printed up soon and start taking them at the next meeting.  John Craker also brought up the idea of registration via PayPal to make it really easy.  Terry really liked the idea in concept but administration of web stuff being rather awkward with there club he is not sure if it would be feasible. 

That was pretty much it for the All Pontiac Show discussion.    We moved on to talking about the Langley Good Times Cruise in.  Blair is really pushing to get club attendance up for that show.  Terry said what they did last year was there group met up before the show and all drove to the show at the same time.  That way they were in line together and could be placed together as a group.   The Langley Good Times cruise in is a great show each year it brings attention not to just any single car, but the entire hobby of building cars.  People come with an open mind about cars and when they see a Fiero the response is usually good.  The stigma that our cars had even 10 years ago of being a plastic disposable car has pretty much worn off.  The new generation of car guys have an appreciation for our little sports cars.  Most of the younger guys are not even old enough to remember the bad problems these cars had when new and only of the cool little 2 seater sports car from Pontiac.   Even Terry who is the current Pres of the Pontiac club was thinking Hmm; one of these cars might be a fun run-about car.   

Web Stuff.  

Graeme Bull of has taken it upon himself to build us one heck of a website.  Note I don’t say Webpage, as what he has built is far more than that.  We have our own Forum, Mailing List, place to post pics of our cars that users can update, change and delete as they see fit.  Because of his ability to host the site himself and maintain it with content that changes automatically it is far more reliable and updatable than when I was hosting and Darcy had built for us.   We due owe Darcy a big thank you for all his efforts and keeping us up and running with a site for the last 6-8 months.  However it is time to move on to bigger and better things.   So pop over to and browse around the new home.  Check out the forums with Members Rides.  Register and post up pics of your car.  

Also note that when sending mail to the club email list.  The address is No Longer or -  

The new address are  (normal stuff) and  (chatty stuff)  

 Regarding the Chilliwack and Victoria web sites.  Graeme and I are working on a solution for both of those pages.  So if you are a member in either of those areas.  The pages should be up shortly with all your local contact info.

Ok Members in attendance of the last meeting.

Clynt 87 Auto V8

Nigel 86GT

John and Amanda 86GT

Mike Arnold 86 2M4

Graeme Bull 88GT

Blair 85 2M4

John Carlo 86GT

Jonathon Boss 87 V8 GT

Austin Lee 86GT

Marcel V. 86SE

Stuart Jorgensen 87SE

John Cascarejo 85GT

Mark Preddy 85GT

David Bergquist 85GT V8

Lisa Reimann 86SE V8 and 85SE V6 (yes she had both cars at the meeting)

Have a Great Day

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 21 April 2007 at 11:08pm

Details on our last club meeting (April 2007) 


I will be updating the run details as the dates get closer, but be sure to mark these on your Calendars. This club is only as good as the people that participate in it. So let’s see some energy here guys and gals. 


Ok, it was another great meeting with lots of people and cars.  I believe we hit 20 cars at the meeting. I hope you all got a chance to look at the photos -

With Arlington and the All Pontiac Show and Shine just around the corner we need to make sure our cars are in tip top shape. We don’t all have show cars or garage queens, so now is the time to make the best of what we have.   

Tech Session: May 5th, Blair's house in Aldergrove. The address is roughly 240th street and 48th ave in Aldergrove/Langley.

About the tech session:  Bring your tired, your weak and your broken Fieros.

Washing, waxing and polishing.  Even an old paint job can be made to look a lot better with proper polishing.


We'll also be doing:

  • Tune Up Parts, Plugs Wires Rotors Caps.
  • Brakes.  Pads, Rotors, Calipers
  • Body Panel Swaps
  • Cooling and Heating systems checks and repairs
  • Oil Changes.  (Be sure to bring a way to remove your old oil, we don’t want to leave it at Blair’s)

Upcoming Drives

May 19th : Stanley Park Loop with the Fieros and then stopping in for dinner after the run. We have lots of fun getting a line of Fieros zipping around downtown traffic. I think we even scare a few people. I will also set this run up.  It will be an evening run, with a late dinner stop some place.

June 2nd : Arlington yep its Arlington time to pack up and head for the border.  After the event is over, we will be meeting Amanda and her animal friends for burgers and drinks in Coquitlam

June 10th : All Pontiac Show and Shine. Please visit -

June 23rd Bridal Falls run and picnic. Just a quick day trip with a bit to eat when we get there. This will be setup by me. -

Whistler (taking Sea to Sky Hwy by storm) This will be ran by Mike from Squamish.

Hells Gate up to the air tram.  Via old Lougheed and then come back via the Lougheed to the Sasquatch Inn for dinner.  We need someone that wants to set this up.

Club Picnic I promise this year I won’t partake in so much cheery glasses of cranberry juice before I head in for the tent for the night. I would like to see an afternoon get together out in Maple Ridge at one of the lakes that you can drive your car onto the beach. These have always been fun in the past.

Please if you can bring your FRS radios to the runs. We always use FRS radios on the runs to make sure everyone can understand turns and no one will get lost..

This club will only be as big as its members are willing to make it. 

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 24 June 2007 at 11:05pm
Bridal Falls Run - June 23rd

Ok we had probably twice the people and cars I was expecting which was really cool to see.
People in attendance:
Lisa and I in my 88GT
Smurf in his newly assembled 87 SE
Nigel in his 86GT
Blair in his 87 Coupe
Austin in his 86GT
John and Melonie in his 85GT
Graeme in his 88GT
Brian and Kirsten in his 86GT
Jay in his Gold 86SE
Jon Carlo in his 87GT Widebody
Dean and Kristle in Deans Pontiac G5
I hope I did not forget anyone.  If you were counting that makes 10 Fieros and one Pontiac G5 Pursuit.

The run down:
The trip started out meeting at Starbucks in Langley on 200th. The group checked radios and woke up with coffee until about 10:30. Lisa and I had to make a stop in Langley before we left, so I put Brian in charge as the lead car for the beginning of the run leading people to Abbotsford to get fuel.
Lisa and I caught up with them in Abbotsford about 11:15. We all left Abbotsford as a group and headed for Bridal Falls. The group was making pretty good time.  Our next stop was Bridal Falls. While I was on the phone trying to explain to someone where we were going, I missed the exit and had to double back to catch the crowd. We all pulled into Dino Town to regroup and Blair went ahead and checked out the Bridal Falls parking lot to make sure there would be room for us all to park.
We got the OK from Blair so we all piled into our cars and headed up. It was even cooler up there than I expected. The hike up to the falls was short but steep. I know there were more than a few people that got about 1/2 way up and were looking for a shuttle.  (LOL)  Well the view of the falls was very worth it.  It was amazing how cool it was.  We hung out for about a half hour and decided it was time to get back to the driving part of our club run. 

On the walk back down to the cars it was decided that we would extend the run a bit.  We left Bridal Falls and headed for Harrison Hot Springs.  We made it out to Harrison in about 35mins with some spirited driving. We all got to Harrison and took a bunch of pics and decided it was time to grab some food. We found a 2nd storey patio restaurant overlooking the water and had lunch.  It turned out to be a bit of a mistake as everyone was complaining about the food and service by the time we were done. Eh you win some you lose some. The weather was great, the drive was fun and the company was awesome.

After lunch we grabbed some Italian Gelato on the boardwalk and relaxed.  We left Harrison and took the old Lougheed hwy from there to Mission. While on route to Mission we had some great fun in the twisties following each other. There was a huge motorcycle gathering at the Sasquatch Inn. So we had lots of motorcycles around us for the drive back. A few of us had an interesting time through the twisties, doing a group pass where 5 of us all went around an Honda.  I would have loved to see the look on his face as 5 Fieros go around him like he is standing still. This run was reminiscent of our drives we had a few years ago.  Those of you that were around during the early years of our Hells Gate runs will know what I am talking about.  :)
We all made it back to Mission and a few of us parted ways towards Mission / Maple Ridge while others headed towards Langley. We took another twisty road from Abbotsford to the 264th street area of Gloucester Estates. Where we ducked in and hung out for a bit. That was pretty much the end of the run, as most people went their own ways. Lisa and I took off with Dean and Kristle to see some horses.
All in all it was a great day, no rain, no break downs, no tickets and no accidents.  You can't ask for much better on a club drive.
The pics are here. For some reason my computer is futzing and won't re-encode the videos from the drive. I have some great footage and will post it as soon as I can. I am looking forward to see the photo's and video's that other people have from the run -
Please visit the club site for pics and info from other people as well. -   
Please check out the Events and Meetings Section of the Forum for the Next Drive which is June 30th 2007 going to Delta for a nice Fish and Chips Lunch.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 17 November 2007 at 11:49pm

 So its been a while since I wrote a meeting wrap up letter.   With so much going on in the club right now I knew I had to write one this month.

The meeting last night was smaller than most, but the spirit of the meeting was still as grand as ever.  Pics from Meeting are here

With not 1 but 2 chop tops at the meeting and Austin’s ECM swap on display there was a lot to look over for modding suggestions. 

Now then for the big announcements.

The December 8th club meeting will start an hour early.  We will start the meeting at 6pm.

              The reason for the early start is 3 fold.  We are having the club Christmas party, Gift Exchange and Meeting from 6pm to 8pm, and at 8:15pm we are going to do the club Christmas lights drive.   The club will pay for up to $100 of Appy type foods for the people that come to the early meeting.   (I can pre-order the appys if people request or order as we get there) 

                          Topics Discussed at meeting.

Club Dues $24 per year.

Due in January

Club Stickers

Ken So has found us a new Decal guy and will have a test run of stickers made up for us.  We are looking at spending around $2 per decal.

Business cards.

As requested we will be getting another run of club cards made up.  Cost is $60 for I believe 500 double sided in colour with a logo.

Food Drive

We have not yet heard details from “The Fox” radio station as soon as I get word, I will post it up. Current Donation is $185+Food

Club Finances as of November 9th 2007-11-11

Balance of Door Price Draw   149.16

Balance of 50/50 Draw              185.00

Balance from Dues                    398.08

The 50/50 draw money will be given to the Santa Fox Food Drive.  The date has yet to be announced.


Web Related

Blair has requested a few things that are Club Web Related

             1st being can we archive the club email

              2nd being can we set the Members Rides gallery to show ALL POSTS by default.  As new people to the board may not realize that there are posts dating back a year before there sign up and don’t see all the cars.

Nigel mentioned he is having trouble uploading pics.   Is anyone else having problems?

Cars for Sale

Black 86GT Automatic 160,000kms $2500 Ask for Todd 778-861-6753,Cracked front Fenders, don’t know why or how.


Gold 86SE V6 Automatic, All Power Options, $2000 OBO, Ask for Chris or Crystal. 604-719-8968


List of Attendee’s

Blair without Fiero Today, but 85GT and 87 Coupe

Nigel 86GT Red

John Carlo 86GT Choptop Widebody

Luke Adam 86GT Black

Clynt 85GT Choptop Widebody

David Bergquist 88GT Yellow

David Hamcen 86GT Black

Lisa Bergquist 85SE GT Clone Red and Yellow

Ken So in a Mini but has an 85SE V6

Austin Lee 86GT with Camaro 3.4 and 7730 ECM Upgrade

Lomac Well find him a Fiero

If you don’t see your name you did not sign in.

I am sure I have forgot to mention something so keep your eyes open on the mailing list and the forum for more updates.


Your Club Founder and head bobble head.

David E. Bergquist and Lisa Bergquist


Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 22 February 2008 at 9:45am

Updates to come soon.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 11 March 2008 at 4:44pm
Please take the time to read through this. I know its pretty long, but all you have to do is read it, I had to write it.

1st off I just want to Give Lisa a HUGE Thank You for all the work she has done to help the club.    On top of managing all the draws each month, she goes out and buys stuff for the club prize draws, keeps track of all the financial records for the club, brings, unpacks and packs back up all the related gear each month. Makes Receipts for each member and in general just works her toosh off. So Thank You.

2nd Up.   Blair gets Promoted. Well temporarily at least.   He was nominated to be the club speaker for the April meeting seeing as Lisa and I will not be there.   We will hand off the club sign in book to him, however there won’t be any draws done at the April meeting just to keep things simple. Anyone wanting to pay Dues please hold onto them until the May Meeting.   

So who was at the meeting this month, and how come it was so busy.

Well lets see.

Lisa Bergquist Red 85SE V6 Auto
Nigel Farmer 86GT V6 4spd
Graeme Bull Red 88GT 5psd
John Cascarejo 85GT
Ken So 85 SE 2M6
Hugh Macom (sp) 86 Rebody Ferrari 308 Rebody, ZZ383 (6.3L V8) 6spd
Austin Lee 86GT 3.4 DIS 5spd
Glen Atchison 87GT (88 GT being repaired after accident)
Luke Adam 86GT
Ryan Wiebe 88 Formula
Mike Arnold 86 2M4
Marcel V 86SE
Blair S. 85 2M3800
John Carlo 86GT Widebody
Clynt 87 4.9 Cadillac V8
David Bergquist 86 SBC V8 5spd
Chris and Crystal Zander 88GT
Erwin Adam 87GT

   Out of the 18 members listed, I believe we had 16 Fiero’s at the meeting. That is out best turnout so far this year. Our best was I believe last July when we had 25 Fiero’s at a meeting.

Now for all the cool info.

We have a couple of options on Club Clothing.
Nigel came wearing a really cool white golf shirt with the Club logo on the front upper corner and larger logo on the back. Was bought from Café Press. Total cost was 15.99 including shipping.

Blair said he just got some T-Shirts done for Euphoria Chocolates; they were done in Victoria and were in the range of $10 each.    If there is interest we may get a few done from the Victoria supplier and then leave it up to the individual members to purchase from Café Press. The bonus with Café Press is you can customize your specific shirt or jacket or hat to your own liking.    We may set up a Club Store account at Café Press so that it is just a simple matter of going in and clicking through to design and choose what you want and then submitting your payment directly through them. The club would receive a share of the profit from each order at Café Press which would be placed back into the club account.

FRS / GRMS Radio’s.
Man have the times and technology changed. In the early days of the club a bunch of us used hand held 40ch CB Radio’s in our cars. Then FRS Radio’s came along, which provided far better short range communication. Now there is GMRS Radios, which are a HUGE jump over the FRS Radio’s.   Marcel just bought the latest and greatest versions. They have a 40km range. Yes Forty Kilometer range. Come with Li-Ion Batteries, charger and headsets. The price was in the $70 range.   However you can still pick up many sales and even pick up last years model that are still great radio’s at places like Which routinely get in stock with the price of about $30 for a pair.   If a really good deal comes around, and the members want it, we could buy a few sets for club use. I will need to know if people want Lisa and I to look into this.    We use these on club drives so that a lead car can announce a turn or a problem as well as any individual member can announce an issue with his or her car.    With everyone being able to hear and know what is going on, it keeps the group together and safe.

Big Fiero Parts Book. ProductInfo.aspx?produc tid=KCB-03    I had to do some real digging around for this book. From the pic it looks like the same book we bought a couple years ago, however the add, lists it as the 3rd revision of the book. With a publication date of 2008. So it may well be a newer book and they have just not updated the pic.   With a US Price of $30 we could order it and put it into the club book supply.   The money would come from the club fund.   How many people feel we should order this?   

If anyone knows of a place to find T-Top seals for Pontiac Fiero’s there are a couple of members that are in need of them. Please post up any info you have found.


April 12th Saturday 7pm Club Meeting, check website for details.

April 19th -Saturday- 9am Tech Session at Blair’s house. This is a full day of working on your cars, tweaking things and getting all the cars prepared for the upcoming runs. This is a chance for everyone to share there knowledge in how Fiero’s work as well as a chance for people with a little less knowledge to learn from the more experience mechanics in the club.

April 25th OR if Raining Changed to May 9th. Friday Night Euphoria Chocolate Meet and Greet Show. This is a Fiero specific show being hosted by Blair and Angela. The lot will be open for Fiero’s to park in and hang out for the evening starting at 5pm and running all evening.   Located at 9103 Glover Road 604.888-9506 FORT LANGLEY. Rain Out Date set for May 3rd after the Cinco De Mayo run.

May 3rd Cinco de Mayo. Drive. We will leave Langley at 9am and drive out via Trans Canada through Chilliwack, Hope and on to Hells Gate. The return trip will be via the old Lougheed Hwy and we will be stopping at the Sasquatch Inn just outside of Mission for Dinner. More details will be posted as the dates get closer.
May 10th Club Meeting, Check Website for Details.

June 7th 6am Saturday Arlington Run. This is a Positively Wicked Run. We meet early Saturday morning in Cloverdale at the Tim Horton’s corner of Hwy 10 and 152nd Street. We drive as a group, through the US customs, and down to Arlington Washington. Roughly a 90min drive.   The group speed will be 120kph on the drive. If you fall behind you may need to go faster to catch up. If you end up being ahead you may need to slow down. However the group will attempt to maintain a 120kph speed limit.

June 8th Meet 8am Sunday All Pontiac Show and Shine in White Rock. Please view website for details as well as contact Terry Beale for more information.   This is another Awesome event for Fiero’s our goal is 20 Fiero’s in the show this year. They have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.   The cars are judged by other show entrants rather than by strict judges. So any and all cars are encouraged to show. Even if your car is not a “Show” car. Its still a really fun day to relax in the sun with other Fiero owners. I don’t know off hand what the entry fee is, but you get a really nice goodie bag and early entrants in the past have received a nice show plaque for your dash.   I encourage ALL members to participate in the show. We are also attempting to get Washington and Oregon cars to join.

June 14th Club Meeting Check website for Details.

June 27th Friday 8pm Coffee and Relax at Starbucks. Located at 8660-200th Street Langley, BC V2Y 0B3

July 12th Club Meeting See Website for Details.

July 13th - New West Car Show

July 18th-20th is the Tentative Date for the club camping trip. However that date is subject to change depending on the availability of the campsite. Henry D. is checking dates and details for us on this event.   It will be an overnight camping trip near Cultus Lake. We will combine this with the club BBQ on the Saturday. Details to follow.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 04 August 2008 at 11:06pm

This is also an open invitation to all you Yankee Americans to come and see the World Renowned See to Sky Hwy and Visit Whistler Village.    (if you want more details just Google and I am sure you will find lots.


Club meeting date and time is the same.  Aug 9th Rickey’s Restaurant 7pm corner of Fraser Hwy and 152nd Street in Surrey. We will be discussing the details of the Whistler Run.


Aug 16th 2008 Whistler Run, Sea to Sky Hwy 2 weeks away.  

We will meet at the Big McDonald's parking lot located one block North of Trans Canada on Willingdon in Burnaby. 

Bring your GMRS Radios we will run on channel 20. 

Stops will be Port-O-Cove (sp) and the old Mining town up there someplace.

Maybe make a stop to Visit out Fiero Friends in Squamish.

I have no idea what time we will get to Whistler, but the plan will be to get up there hang out, have a bit to eat in Whistler Village.

Then had back down maybe make another stop at Port O Cove for some evening pics and goofing around for the ladies.

Leave the Cove and head back to Vancouver.   If the group wants to can take a drive through Vancouver and play around, maybe Robsin Street, Davie Street.  Even do a night run through Stanley Park.  I think there is a TJI Fridays some place downtown that would be great to eat at, or maybe go into Metrotown a group and find a nice place to eat there.


This will be a full day run with lots of fun and cruising.  Bring your Video Cameras, Radar Detectors and GMRS Radios.   


A note ahead of time, speed limits will be set at “spirited” driving.  If you are not comfortable with that please bring it up and arrangements will be made to wait for you at stops.  


               Please Also check the club website as we are starting a thread on this topic.


Contact David -  

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 19 August 2008 at 12:31am

Ok so here is the run down.


Tim, Lisa and I left the house at 8am, we got to McDonald's and met up with Glen and Ethan, in their 88 Couple, which is in really nice shape.

Austin showed up shortly after.  During this time I was madly on the phone with Nigel trying to get his car fired up.  Seeing as he was only just up at the top of Willingdon, we all agreed to go up and try to get him fired up.


We waited around until 9:30 for the last of the people to hopefully show up as we were only 4 Fieros.  None of the Extra’s showed up.


So we tore off to Nigel and oddly enough as I walked up to the car, he tried it again and Vroom it came to life.


So we took the 5 cars and got on the road.


Nigel was in his 86GT

Lisa and I were in my 88GT

Tim was in his 86SE

Austin was in his 86GT

And Glen and Ethan were in his 88 Coupe.


We tore up Trans Canada and made it to Pôrto Cove, (sp)  Tim missed the turn so Lisa and I were franticly trying to get him on the radio or cell phone.    We finally got him on the radio, he had pulled over to wait for us. We ended up cutting that stop short, so we left there and found Tim sitting down having a coffee about 10 miles up the road.  We hung out there briefly checked out the mining truck and thought it was very cool, and left there.  About this time Lisa and I had discovered our new HD Camera had packed it in.  So we raced into Squamish to try and get it replaced.  No dice. 


We all regrouped on the 99 and headed north.


We arrived at Whistler Village around noon.  There seemed to be a lot more people and cars than we expected.  There was something called CrankFest going on and it was attached to a VW show thing.  So mountain bikes and VW’s were everywhere.  Live rock band, you name it was going on.  IT WAS HOT up there.  Felt like low 30’s however it was being in the sun that was killing us.   We all got sunburned, I am really feeling it today, Ouch.


    Because none of us really knew where we were going, we just kind of wandered around until we found an Earls so we stopped for Lunch.   We then wandered around some more and checked out the really cool scenery in the village. 


About 3pm we started back to the cars to head home.  We make a couple quick stops and then the Radio Comes alive with Glen saying we need to pull over and talk, There has been a nasty car accident on the sea to sky hwy, a truck had rolled over and the HWY was closed.  (this is our only route home) 


We stop at a Chevron and fill up the cars, grab cold pop and munchies, we hit up a Tim Horton’s / Wendy’s for some stuff and discuss.  The idea is, we start back down the mountain and try to find a swimming hole to park, hang out and relax until the hwy is clear.  Well, we drove until the traffic became a dead stop and we were parked.  A quick chat on the radio, said there was a sign for “Shannon Falls” a few KM’s behind us, so all 5 Fieros in what looked like a rehearsed ballet move, all pulled out and made a U-Turn together.  Then zoom back to Shannon Falls.   We did a quick hike up to the falls, (felt like I was going to collapse and croak before we made it to the top) Checked it out and then back down to the bottom where the creek was.  THIS WAS THE BEST IDEA OF THE DAY.  We all crawled down the rocks to the water, took off our shoes and got ankle deep in the water found a nice rock to sit on in the shade, kicked back and chatted Fieros for over an hour.  Cool glacier water running over parts of you, nice breeze blowing over you, in the shade, cold drinks on hand.  Oh man it was nice.   By this time it was 7:30pm we called Craker, and asked him about the online road report, it was finally clear.    However we guessed that the traffic was still going to be nasty for at least a few more hours.  We went across to what was supposed to be a quick coffee / food stop, which is now a gourmet restaurant.  Have ya ever tried to order a PLAIN CHEESE BURGER ON A CHEESE BURGER BUN at a higher end place.  I think I damn near offended our French Lady waitress.   (side note, a light red wine doesn’t go half bad with a cheeseburger)   However they had to add there Gourmet flair to the burger, even plain simple easy, it had to be on a Kaiser bun and even had onions mixed right into the handmade meat paddy.   LOL, those of you that really know me, will understand.


Ok on a plus note, Glen said the Salmon dinner was the best dinner he had had in a very long time.  Prices were a bit much.  Dinner plates were 15 for a cheeseburger to 33 for more fancy food item.    The view was awesome, while you ate dinner you had the view of the falls on one side and the view of the mountains on the other.  I think the place was called the Copper Kitchen.


Ok so dinner out of the way, we decided to start our trek back down the mountain.  It went really fast, I think it took Lisa and I a total of 60mins to make it from the Southside of Squamish to Surrey.   


I think everyone that came had a blast.  It was great fun, great times, and a really refreshing river.


Everyone that has pics, please send them to - so I can get them built into one big gallery and get them hosted.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 11 September 2008 at 9:59am

Hey everybody, do you know what time it is, its FIERO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!


Yep, Yep, Yeppers.


So grab the garden hose, get cleaned up, and then go wash your car.  J


              We may have some special guests at this meeting.  A fellow car club has contacted me and is interested in getting together with us for a cruise.  I have asked them to send a representative to this month’s Fiero club meeting.  


      Fall is coming, Fall is coming, Fall is coming.  It’s the end of the Summer, run, hurry, save your days.      There is not much time left, you need to bring your Fiero out and have a few more blasts of summer fun with your car.  This meeting will be one of those chances.  So grab your day timer and put Saturday, September 13th 2008 as a BIG HIGHLIGHTED DAY.  You are more than welcome to bring the wife and kids along.  It might get a little crowded in the Fiero, but hey we have done worse.   If its legal to put Horses/Animals in a trailer and tow it behind your car, I wonder how much trouble you would get into for putting people in a trailer behind a car? LOL.


      Ok Back to Topic.   We need to discuss Winter Events. 


Halloween, do we want to do anything.  Is anyone throwing a Halloween party we can crash.


Thanksgiving, I know most people spend it with their families, however there are a few people out there that don’t have immediate family to spend it with, so why not get together with other Fiero owners.  


Christmas, OMG did I really say it, yes I did, there is only roughly 100 shopping days left.   Time to start dropping hints to the loved ones, -  and -   and -   

                                                     What do we want to do for our club Christmas Party this year.  We started a tradition about 4 years ago of doing a gift exchange and so far everyone has loved it.   We use the balance of the end of the year club dues to pay for a bunch of finger food at the Christmas party each year.      Do we want to have it at Ricky’s like we did last year, or do we want to do it separately at another location?


Winter Tech, alright, every year we talk about this, and every year we still end up with people having problems.  Change your Antifreeze, at the very least, check its quality with a meter.   Check your tires, tires that might be good enough for spring, summer and fall, might leave you in a ditch come the first snowfall.   Alignment, get it checked.  If your car pulls even in the slightest bit on the dry, you have an alignment issue.  That will put your car in a constant skid as soon as you get onto ICE.    You need to get the TOE checked to make sure both wheels are running true.   So far we have not lost any Fieros due to icy roads, as frankly these cars can be GREAT in the winter.  You just have to make sure your car is setup right for it. 


We will go into greater detail at the meeting.


P.S. if you have not paid your 2008 yet. (its almost 2009) Do ya think you could please take care of that.  Its only $24 bucks.  That’s a whopping $2 per month.  Less than the price of a good coffee.    You dues go toward club domain fee’s, club stickers, club, supplies, BBQ costs, Picnic Costs.    We are in need of another order of Business cards for the club, which we will be ordering soon as well.  If anyone owns a card printing shop and can get us a better quote please drop me an email to -   







Meetings start at 7pm in the Banquet Room

 People usually start arriving around 6:30 for chit chat.  We usually end the meeting around 10pm.

Always the 2nd Saturday of the month. 

Surrey Evergreen Mall, corner of Fraser Hwy and 152nd Street.
8958-152nd Street
Surrey, British Columbia
V3R 4E7

Phone: (604) 581-3212
Fax: (604) 581-9284

Dinner Menu

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 21 September 2008 at 9:35pm
Oct 11th -- Saturday –10am to 5:30 pm Tech Session then Club Meeting 7pm – 9pm Tech Session and Club Meeting Removal of Rear Sway Bars, Front and Rear Suspension, Headlight Rebuilds.

   We will be hosting a Tech Session Oct 11th at my place. 16908 104th Ave Surrey B.C. The Tech session will start at 10am and run until 5:30pm, at 5:30 we will wrap it up and leave for the club meeting at 6pm.   Topics to be discussed and addressed. Headlight rebuilds, and Suspension Components.    We are going to go over the front suspension parts, as well as dismantle and rebuild at least one 87-88 headlight motor.   If someone else would like to discuss a topic, or do a demo, please speak up.   I am no expert on the 84-86 headlights so I really can’t offer any advice aside from replace it.

Oct 18th -- Saturday – 3pmLangley to Harrison Hot Springs and Back. Meet at Starbucks Coffee Co - 604-455-0515 8660 200 Street , Langley , BC V2Y 0B3
We are going to be doing a joint drive with the BC Probe Owners Club / Mazda MX6 Club on Saturday Oct 18th. The run will start at the Starbucks on 200th street. 1 block South of Trans Canada. It will be an evening run. We will meet at 3pm and head for the Fort Langley Ferry. We are going to cross on the Ferry as a group onto the Lougheed Hwy, take the old Lougheed all the way up to Harrison Hot Springs, hang out, have a bite to eat, and then plan to take Trans Canada back to Langley. I would estimate the return time to be around Midnight. Please make sure to bring your FRS Radio’s, Radar Detectors and Emergency Tools, Kits.    This run may prove to be a bit on the spirited side. Our drives are generally spirited, but I don’t want to see anyone trying to “SHOW OFF” against the other car club.   I plan to have the group on the road by 3:30 so please be there early enough that if you need gas, or want to get coffee or Wendy’s or Tim Horton’s (which are all across the parking lot) you have time to get there and get what you need.   We will run Radio channel 20 Sub 00.    

September Meeting Wrap Up

Alright, before you read this, I probably forgot to mention something, or someone, or some event.   If you by chance notice I forgot something, please bring it up.     If you don’t know, all you have to do is hit REPLY and your message will be sent back out to the entire club. This email list goes both ways. It’s not just for me to spout out random thoughts. - Club Email List Interface Page PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK

The club site has gone through a MAJOR transformation under the skin. I had hoped to keep this totally transparent to all the members, however due to glitches that Grame is fixing for me, everything is slowly working its way out.   If you have a problem, please PM me or Graeme with exactly what broke and if you can copy the error message and past it into a message for us to read this will be great help.

OK pics are here.    You might notice a few cars that don’t seem to belong?

    We had a few guests at the meeting, I want to thank Mark, Jeff, John and Russ for coming to visit us. They were representing the local Ford Probe / Mazda MX6 car club. It was nice seeing a few cars with a different perspective. Unfortunately 2 of their cars were involved in a minor fender bender on route to the meeting, I hope all is going well with the repairs.

       We are going to be doing a joint drive with them on Saturday Oct 18th. The run will start at the Starbucks on 200th street. 1 block South of Trans Canada. It will be an evening run. We will meet at 3pm and head for the Fort Langley Ferry. We are going to cross on the Ferry as a group onto the Lougheed Hwy, take the old Lougheed all the way up to Harrison Hot Springs, hang out, have a bite to eat, and then plan to take Trans Canada back to Langley. I would estimate the return time to be around Midnight. Please make sure to bring your FRS Radio’s, Radar Detectors and Emergency Tools, Kits.    This run may prove to be a bit on the spirited side. I do want to stress though, this is NOT A COMPETITION.    Our drives are generally spirited, but I don’t want to see anyone trying to “SHOW OFF” against the other car club.   The last thing we need is one of our guys getting over anxious and causing an accident.    This applies to myself as well, as even I have a tendency to drive more aggressive when out with other car guys.      More details will be posted about this run in a separate email and on the forum.

We would like to welcome Glen and Ethan Farquhar to the club in their 88 Coupe.

Up Coming Events

Oct 11 Tech Session and Club Meeting
   We will be hosting a Tech Session Oct 11th at my place. 16908 104th Ave Surrey B.C. The Tech session will start at 10am and run until 5:30pm, at 5:30 we will wrap it up and leave for the club meeting at 6pm.   Topics to be discussed and addressed. Headlight rebuilds, and Suspension Components.    We are going to go over the front suspension parts, as well as dismantle and rebuild at least one 87-88 headlight motor.   If someone else would like to discuss a topic, or do a demo, please speak up.   I am no expert on the 84-86 headlights so I really can’t offer any advice aside from replace it.

Oct 31st Friday Halloween. No official events have been planned, hoping someone has a good suggestions.

November 8th Club Meeting, Need to finalize details in regards to Christmas Party, Christmas Lights drive and where are we going to donate the club cash this year.

November 12th Lisa’s Birthday. So an early Happy Birthday to Lisa.

December 13 Club Meeting. Probably doing the Christmas Party / Gift Exchange starting at 5pm then rolling into the meeting for 7pm.


    Just a heads up for those of you that know Brian Brown, he is one of our resident Auto cross nuts, was in involved in a motorcycle accident last month. He ended up with a broken collar bone and may have to undergo surgery as the bone is not healing correctly. Here’s to wishing Brian well from all of us.   He did want to mention the Percocet he is taking, is working wonders for his morale.   If you want to contact him directly you can email him at

      A personal Thank You to Blair for coming out to my house and helping me repair a busted brake line on Lisa’s Fiero.   We were undergoing an overhaul on her front brakes, replacing the pads, calipers, and brake hoses. One of the hard lines twisted and broke, Blair was able to come out and repair the line for me. Blair is also in a hurt state himself, as he pulled several tendons in his shoulder. Get Well soon also goes out to Blair.

        Tech Tip. This comes from Trevor in the club. If your alternator dies on you, power master makes a replacement 1 wire hookup alternator, that puts out an amazing 140amps for just $140 bucks. The single wire system is very easily adapted to the Fiero system, and greatly simplifies your charging system. - Club Email List Interface Page PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 26 November 2008 at 4:35am


REMEMBER SPECIAL START TIME. Be there at 5pm if you want to help get things organized. 5:30 is the official start to the Christmas Party.   If you are participating in the Christmas Party, you will need to be at the meeting at 5:30 PM. The club will be buying several appy platters and assorted munchies.   We will do the gift exchange at 6:30.  Meeting will start at 7pm.    Everyone is welcome to come early if they wish.   We are only doing the early because we want extra time for people that want to exchange gifts and hang out.



Items to talk about at the meeting.  I hear John Carlo is having a blast in his new 3800SC choptop widebody car.  I know many of you are pretty eager to see the car.   Clynt is installing a Turbo onto his V8 Caddy powered Fiero.  I am working on Paul Wans Fiero still.   I’ll have some funny stories about that car.  Myself and Patrick helped Phil take a complete 86GT down to nearly the bare frame in one afternoon.  There are a few pics on the forum.


                   If someone has a list of Christmas Lights displays could you please bring it to the meeting?  This is usually a really fun night, chasing each other around the side streets checking out lights.  We also get checked out by the people as they are amazed to see all the Fiero’s cruising around.  


                  I will try to have an update regarding the Fiero trailer hitches from Pat Patterson.   


             Winter driving in a Fiero.  Its better than you think.  Mid engine helps with traction of the drive tires, and if you are prepared for a bit of under steer, that you can usually correct with a quick blip of the throttle to kick the back end around, it can really be fun.  Only time I have ever been stuck was when I tried to drive my lowered 85GT in 2ft of fresh powder that I managed to get high centered on. 


 New Forum Section, we added a place for people to post BAD VENDORS.  If you took your Fiero to a shop or mechanic and got screwed or they attempted to screw you, please post of the shop name, date it happened and if you know who you talked to please add it.   I will be adding and explaining my alignment issues at the meeting.   I went to Kal Tire in Port Kells and suffice it to say, if I was not a mechanic and knew nothing about cars, they would have soaked me for at least $500 for an alignment on my car.  I paid them $120 and took my car any left. 


Now for a good shop.  Target Muffler and Brake 6070 200th street.  Really great guys, kinda shop that makes you feel like you are at home with your buddies when you walk in.   There was Zero attitude from them, I told them what I needed the guy behind the counter said sure, no problem, took the hose I needed built, gave it back to me, I asked how much and he just said, ah 20 bucks ok with you.  I paid him cash and was out the door in 15mins.   I had gone to another shop in port Kells and stood at the counter for nearly 15mins just waiting to talk to someone.  So I was really happy with Target.  They also said they will remove cat converts and install a steel pipe for less than $50 or do a simple converter install of you want a new one for about $30.


     Due to no one really stepping up for alternatives for the food and toy drive we are going to stick with the original plan of donating to the Santa Fox Food Drive.  If you have canned food in your cupboard  that you bought by mistake, and are not going to eat, or just have a bunch of extras that you want to donate, we are getting geared up for our December food drive.  So food/toys whatever you got that you want to donate, please bring it to the club meeting and we will get it setup.  We should have a box or something to put stuff into.  I know that with the slowing economy everyone is starting to pinch there nickels, but there are a lot of people out there that need a helping hand.    Your donation can be Food that is non perishable, new unwrapped toys, or simply a few bucks in cash.   When I say nothing perishable, I am talking like Sack of Potatoes, bread.




The gift exchange is a maximum cost of $20 per gift and it must be Automotive related.    I find the best way to get something good, is to grab the - Canadian Tire Flier and the - Princess Auto sales Flier, with stuff in the CDN Tire Flier being up to ½ off, you can usually find something really cool in the under $20 range.   I think last year at this time they had Dremel kits on sale, regular price of $49 on sale for 19.99.    Another good place to check out is the - XS Cargo stores.    We buy a great deal of club raffle draw items at those places. 



I am also looking for volunteers to help out with the planning of the Christmas lights drive.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 14 December 2008 at 3:09pm

Can you believe its almost 2009?  Can you believe it was below zero last night and the die hards were still standing outside talking about cars. There was snow was falling on the cars at the meeting?   We are truly the greatest Fiero club end of story.  We always have good turn outs for meetings, we always share our info with each other.  I don't know of any Fiero club that has as active of tech sessions as we do. 

Pics are here, -

   Well on the good stuff.  It was a little bumpy start at the meeting as I did not find out until the morning of the club meeting that someone else had booked the banquet room for use before us.  So our 5:30 start time ended up starting in the upstairs area, with food and munchies being delivered and handed out.   I kinda think we should have ordered more food.  We only bought about $60 worth of appetizers which seemed to go rather quickly.  If you did not get at least a few things, I am sorry.  When the first order went I quickly ordered to more plates of the Chicken strips.  Hopefully everyone got at least something.

The gift exchange went off great, everyone that participated I think had fun.  I even ended up with something a little extra, John Carlos gave me a special present for my V8 GT I am working on, in the direction of scoops and vents, he thought the back end could use a little bit of lift, he presented me with a set of hand made, wing stanchions.  I believe they are 4" tall.  So Thank You John.

The Christmas food drive was a small but spirited run, we made from Guildford Mall at 6:15 over to Pine Tree Village in Coquitlam in a little over 30mins in rush hour traffic.  Attending was Lisa, Myself, Ken So, Glen (I know I am going to slaughter the spelling of your last name) Farquhar with his son Ethan.  We donated a large bag of Toys, several large bags of food and $120 in cash.    After the run, we all snuck over to the Boston Pizza to warm up have a few quick bites and wait for traffic to die down before trying to make it back over the Port Mann bridge.

    Other topics last night.      Its Winter if ya hadn't noticed.  If you have not checked your  antifreeze since last summer, it might be a good time to do it.   With the way the Fiero's cooling system is, the radiator up front, can freeze while you are driving.  One year, that I had put off checking it, I had my car parked in a heated garage.  I pulled out of the garage and everything was fine, it was about -10 outside, and before the car had warmed up enough to open the thermostat, the water in the radiator had frozen enough to turn my coolant into slush blocking all coolant flow.  Engine overheated but because there was no flow, it couldn't get the hot water up to the front to melt the ice.   Only way to fix it was get the car home, place a space heater under the rad, wait for it to melt, then remove a gallon of coolant from the system and replace with a gallon of pure antifreeze.  

Shops, please if your Fiero is broken and you can't convince one of the Fiero tech guys in the club to help you out, please post to the list on what your car needs, people will at the lest be able to tell you roughly how long a repair will take and what it should cost you.  I recently did some work on Paul Wans Fiero, I spent 101 hours, of labor putting the car back together correctly.  Cut wires, missing parts, brakes put on back-wards, all manor of issue. 

      There is no date set yet for the Christmas lights drive, as frankly there has not been enough people actively wanting to do the run.  Glen kinda hinted that is enough people wanted it, he would help out to set it up.   So post up if you want to see this run happen.

      Dyno Day, this topic came up again, we had about 5 people raise there hand saying they would be willing to pay up to $150 to get there car on a Dyno.  I am pretty sure I can get that reduced to $100 if we have a large enough crowd.  This would be for Fieros only.  That way the Dyno shop can set up for one type of car and just rig and un rig each car.  If you are interested please get in contact with me.

             Also the topic of changing the meeting location came up again, and I think this time we are going to make the jump, there is a thread with a poll started by Dr. Fiero, please post your comments in that thread.  I have listed off the requirements for a place in that thread.

       Well that's about it as far as I can tell.  If I have forgotten something please feel free to send me an email and I'll get it added. 

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 06 January 2009 at 1:45pm

This is to announce the temporary location for the West Coast Fiero’s of B.C. Club meeting.   I have booked us the Banquet room at the ABC Country restaurant which is part of the Ramada Inn hotel.  I have the room booked from 7pm-10pm.  The extra hour at the end of the night is going to make it so much nicer as people won’t have to rush to eat and get ran out of the place.


Location is corner of 104th Ave and 158th Street.   Best way to get there is take the 160th street exit from Trans Canada and head down 104th to 158th.      It is less than 2 blocks from the Freeway.  With the exception of the one light off the highway exit, there are no stops or anything between the exit and the restaurant.   With a bit of a lead foot, I bet you could make it from the highway to the restaurant in 90 seconds or less. 


10410 - 158th Street
at Ramada Inn
(604) 930-4717



                 Due to the size of the banquet room, I don’t believe this will be a permanent location, however it will be a nice change.    I am still looking for people with suggestions to a restaurant.  So if you have a place in mind, please speak up and it will get voted on.   We have nearly a 50/50 mix of people wanting it on the East or West side of the Port Mann bridge.   So a good location could swing it either way.


If you don’t want to bring it up publicly and only want to suggest it to me and I’ll bring it up publicly, email me at -




                          Can you believe it is 2009 already.  Seems like not much was talked about 2009.  We were living in 2008 and everyone was talking about the 2010 stuff, so 2009 kinda got the public brush off.  However I think 2009 is going to be one hell of a year for us.


  The popularity of our little cars is increasing drastically.   It’s good that we are starting to see a return on the purchase price in many cases we could sell the car we bought 5 years ago, for at very least the same price with zero deprecation.        The only drawback is that inexpensive parts sources are drying up rather quickly.    It’s to the point that if you want reliable parts, you have to keep your eyes open for a Fiero with a blown motor or trans/clutch and buy it as a parts car.  Lisa and I try to pick up one parts car a year.   Fortunately a busted Fiero can still be bought for under $500.     Also with so many people doing engine swaps now a days, buying a $500 parts car, and finding someone pulling a running 2.8 for a bigger engine that sells the 2.8 for very little, you can put the 2 together and manage to have a decent car for less than $1000 if you have any mechanical experience. 


Topics to be discussed at the meeting.     


Arlington 2009 it will be in June, who is planning on attending


All Pontiac Show and Shin in June


Spring Tech Sessions, who wants to host one.  All we need is a big enough parking area on hard ground.


Spring Summer Drives and Runs.   Whistler, Harrison, Boston Bar, Hells Gate, Bridal Falls, maybe even a Club state side cruise into Bellingham.


Club Dues are Due.  We have been doing prorated dues for everyone joining in the middle of the year.    Your club dues go towards club sponsored events, club web hosting costs, and soon to be purchased more club business cards.



I know there is more to talk about, but I have to run. 


You are probably going to see this message a few times over as I am going to email / IM/ Post and Re-Post it in several different places over the next 24hrs.   If you use msn messenger, mine is - and Lisa’s is -



The guy that started this zoo, 10 years ago.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 15 January 2009 at 4:22pm

Ok so the meeting was a bit on the small side, but the slightly more informal meeting seemed to style let the enthusiasm come back to our club.


I know I am going to forget a few people, so bare with me, the roster is still outside in the trunk of my car.


Nigel 86GT with Fiero

Austin 86GT with Fiero

Me 88GT with Fiero

Lisa 86SE V8(as sick as she was, she still came so she could manage the draws and dues)  Thank you Sweetie.

Graeme 88GT

Glen 88GT

Marcel 87SE

Trevor 87GT

Tristan (Romeo from Forum in New West)

Luke 86GT


          The topics of the night were “Where should we go” and What should we do.  As well as what is the actual towing capacity of a Fiero.   Marcel later pointed out that the 86SE V6 had a rating of 1000lbs.


So the places we came up with were.



Bridal Falls

Shannon Falls

Harrison Hot Springs

Point Roberts

And a few places I can’t recall off the top of my head, but a popular suggestion was Go Kart Racing.  The club enjoyed the Castle Fun Park aka Wonderland in Abby that I think just about everyone wanted to do more Go Kart racing.  The suggestion was also brought up that we need to dig deeper into the Mission Road Racing that Austin and Brian do in there Fiero’s.   What could be more fun that treating your Fiero like a big Go Kart on a real race track. 


Restaurants were brought up again as we really need to make this permanent.   As of know we have had several suggestions however nothing is carved in stone yet.    So far every suggested place has something that does not meet the criteria.   The good side was, food last night was simply amazing.  I believe Nigel said that his steak was one of the best he has had in a really long time.  Service was for the most part really good.    The banquet room is on the small side and I don’t believe one of our larger meetings could fit in the space.  Seating for 20-25.   


Pics are located here, - p;PN=1


I did include one pic of my driveway just before Lisa and I left for the meeting. 


If you have a suggestion for a drive, event or other.  Please bring it up.

I would like to see our members setting up events, I’ll be around if someone needs advice on planning an event.   As everyone knows, my cell phone is always on for the members to contact me, and if I can’t answer, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.    For the record my cell is 604-807-2623 email is -  



                         If we don’t have a decided location for the next meeting, we will be returning to the ABC that we were at last night.  104th Ave and 158th Street in Surrey.




Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 12 April 2009 at 7:21pm
   The new 2009 Calendar is up on the club site, &FID=10&PR=3 - Calendar if you have not had a chance to pop in and check it out, please do.   Even print off a copy and stick it to your wall next to your computer or fridge.

        We have a short Harrison Run coming up. This is just a nice afternoon drive up to the Hot Springs where we stop have lunch, relax and let our cars air out from there long winters slumbers. Then the Big Run, Hells Gate, right up near Boston Bar BC, this usually proves to be one of the Fastest Runs we do each year. With long winding canyon roads, elevation changes, and lots of tunnels, it’s not only fun its really scenic with lots of Photo Ops.   This is also a good run to give your car a great shake down, before the tech session and tweak anything that needs tweaking before we jump the line and invade the Jet City Fiero’s in Washington State.   Come to think of it, I never did post up that link. Yikes Bad Me. Please view <<<< Just a heads up if you are running Windows 7 or a Beta version of IE, you will need to load the site in compatibility mode.   This only affects people using Pre Release versions of Internet Explorer 8 64bit.

Steve Simpson has created the page for the event this year, as I have been really busy prepping my 88 for the road trip, then trying to get my new V8 ready for Arlington, and now sorting out all the baby stuff that a new dad has to find and figure out before the big day comes.

On the subject of Arlington, YOU MUST HAVE A PASSPORT. As of June 1st, Passports will be required for Everyone. So hit up the passport office now and you should still get it in time for Arlington.    Lisa and I had ours back in 2 weeks, but that was before the huge rush right now.      

Ok back on Topic, the May 30th Tech day will be for primarily pre trip inspections of cars, greasing all the ball joints, changing oil, checking to make sure bolts are torqued and solid. The Arlington run is not our fastest run, however the USA roads can be rather punishing on a car that is just fine on the softer Canadian highways.    I won’t be able to haul a TON of stuff, but I will have the trailer here so if you make arrangements before the event, you can drop off chairs, coolers and other items that won’t fit in a Fiero comfortably

April 18th Harrison Hot Springs Run
May 2nd Cinco De Mayo Hells Gate Run
May 9th Club Meeting
May 30th Tech and Details Session to Prep for Arlington
June 6th Arlington Run
June 14th All Pontiac Show and Shine

              Arlington Driving Situation
     The plan for our club will be a bit more stretched out.   We are going to have 2 main groups of cars. The people that wish to make the run in a more leisurely pace, and the people that wish to drive in a more spirited manor.   We will all drive as a group to through Customs, however once on the other side, the casual cruiser people will leave first, and the more spirited members will hold back a few mins.   Once on the highway, the spirited guys will catch up to the people checking things out, and go as a group, and we will pull off at a rest area on I-5 to make sure everyone is accounted for. Then start the whole process again.   Doing it this way, everyone will be together for at least 75% of the time, rather than having 2 distinct groups that never end up within 5 miles of each other.     Before you say Well that sounds DUMB, I have heard it from both sides of the fence, members saying they are leaving the club because they don’t want to drive below the speed limit to wait for slower people, and slower people saying they don’t want to come on the runs, because they feel they are always trying to Catch Up to the faster groups.   When you have 2 cars, one going 105kph and one going 95kph, on a 1 hour drive, that’s roughly 10km of distance. Worse yet is trying to get either far end of the spectrum of drivers to go 5km under the speed limit or 5km over the limit, just pisses people off. So “Why Can’t Everyone just drive the speed limit”    Sounds so simple doesn’t it.   When you have a group of 20 cars, it’s bound to happen that some will get caught at lights or stuck in traffic and will need to “Catch Up” or the entire group has to Drive Below the limit or even stop to get everyone back together.   It’s not a simple “Speed Limit” issue.   It’s a matter of trying to keep the cars together and everyone happy.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 09 July 2009 at 12:49pm

We need a Meeting Speaker.  So Speak Up.  I'll be there to help you setup. 


Meeting Address 8720 204th St , Langley , BC 

Tech Session starts at 10am, runs till 5pm, then cleanup till 6pm, and off to the meeting at 7pm.  The meeting is only about 5 blocks from the Tech session location.

Items to discuss,

Winter Car Prep, Winter Driving Tips, how to keep your Fiero pointing the right direction in the snow.   Tricks to keeping the Fiero in good condition if you store it all winter.  Dry-Z-Air balls info.  

 Christmas Party and Food Drive, Who, What, Where.  

 Emergency Kits for your car.  What kinda of stuff should you carry, and where she it be stored. 

Tech discussions.  Want to upgrade that 4cyl to a V6, let’s explain the process.  Need that clutch replaced, want to know how it’s done in your driveway without a hoist, just using floor jacks and jack stands.  

Antifreeze, just because it’s green doesn't mean it’s good.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 28 December 2009 at 1:23am
Meeting Address 8720 204th St , Langley , BC

Meeting starts at 7pm, with people usually arriving at 6:30 to hang out and talk cars.

Many of you have met Nigel our English Member (hmm that does not sound right) our guy from the other side of the pond. (Even that does not sound right, but he is leaving us. This will be his final meeting and I would like everyone to come and say their good-byes.   You can read more about his departure here, sp;   

                Ok guys and gals this is the first meeting of the 2010 West Coast Fiero's club. We didn't get a whole lot covered at the December meeting as the Christmas party took up more of the time than expected. It was nice to be able to shake off the normal bureaucratic stuff for a meeting and just relax. So it's time to get into gear and burn some rubber.

                   I personally would like to see this club get a little crazy this year. Actually lose a bit of the structure and return to the craziness that we had in the years past.     This winter has been pretty slow in terms of club events and even the weather. Normally at least a few of us have gone out snow drifting by now and that has not happened, so I'd like to open the floor to discussion of getting together to do that, as well as some Friday night cruises, or even Bar / Dance nights.    Coffee's cool too.   Hit up the Starbucks in Langley with a few of our "street racing" buddies. Swap stories on power adders in the cars. Swap some stories on who has gotten busted for what, or what to watch out for. My V8 is getting closer each day to getting on the road, and when it does, I am going to setup at least 1 night run to Harrison.    

If I could get everyone to think back to their teenage years and remember some of the cool crazy stuff they did........ The stuff that when you remember it, you can't help but smile.    I know for some of you it might be a little further back to remember than others, but for the most of us, I think we are still young enough to remember.       I.E our own Mr. Craker drag racing a Civic vs. his Motorcycle the catch was he had to start from a seated position on the side of the road, then get on his bike, fire it up and try to catch the Civic before it got to the finish line.        Myself lining up with random Mustangs, being laughed at right up to the point that I had them by 2 car lengths before we even made it to 200ft out of the hole.   The burnout competitions that happened with club members in front of another club members house, and the ensuing Coke-a-Cola burnouts.       Now to really add to the freaky nature, all this juvenile delinquent stuff was not that long ago, it was within the last 8 years of club activity.     We use to have a TON OF FUN, and ya know what, I think we can again.        Another good one, I have video of I think 6 of us, holding up the back of Lisa's V6 Automatic Fiero one night, so that she could do a good standing burnout.   It can be tricky finding places to lift a fibreglass car with your bare hands, but it is possible.

       Now on to organized events, a Dyno Day. This has been suggested many a time, but no one ever really jumps in when the time comes.   So this year, I say we do it, period, we just do it. Mopac now has experience tying down Fiero's to the rollers, so I figure that is where we will go. Hughe has had his car done there several times now, so we can talk to him about his experience at the next meeting.

            The Mission Street Legal program is still in full swing, and I'd like to know how many people would be up for a Fiero day at the track.    Possibly even doing a Test and Tune day rather than a street legal event.   The Test and Tune is a bit more expensive but you get a lot more track time.

             Brian and Austin are still really active with the Autocross racing. Brian's Fiero has proven to be really competitive out on the track and frankly doesn't have any major exotic mods that the average owner can't complete in his or her's driveway.     If you buy Nigel's 86GT you are already 3/4 the way to being there. Nigel's car even comes with a spare set of wheels you can mount your race tires to.   The price for Nigel's car is being withheld until the club meeting, and frankly its less than what many people have paid for near stock cars in his condition.   I'll give ya a hint though, there is 10-12,000 invested in the engine/drive train combination and the selling price is considerably less than 1/2 that.     If you want detailed info regarding the car feel free to speak to myself or Nigel.   I have recently done a fair bit of work to the car and Nigel has asked me to provide details on the overall car for people.

                                     Let's see other cool events, the All Pontiac Show, the Arlington Fiero Show, and 2 toss up shows, the Langley Cruise In, as well as the New West Car show.    The 3 local shows are more for the people that want to have the judging and show off really nice cars, the Arlington Show is not so much a show, but an excuse for us to all get together, and cruise down the I-5 through Washington together.    Last year was probably one of the most fun as it was the first year we did the Leap Frog style run, letting everyone get in the driving style they chose.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 06 March 2010 at 4:05pm">  

Ok meeting location

Saturday Mar 13th 2010  @ 6pm



Ricky's All Day Grill - 8720 204 Street, Langley, BC, V1M2Y5


              Ok what month is this, Oh Ya its, MARCH.  We are kicking off this month with the new meeting time slot of 6pm.  I know that cuts into many of your last min rush to clean the cars up for the meetings, but hey you'll have to get used to it.

                   We chose to do this in order to get more daylight at the meetings, and with the upcoming spring clocks roll ahead, we are going to have a ton of daylight at the meetings.  This will also allow for more chances of doing after meeting cruises.  Even if it is just an after meeting cruise to go out for ice cream or coffee after the meeting.    So remember change all your schedules its Six PM that's 6 PM, ok did we get that 6pm.  Just think 6-6-6, er wait that's, oh never mind, just remember 6pm.

                   Now on to the meeting stuff.    I know Car2Lo aka Jon will be there with his Widebody-Choptop-3800SC car, so I know a lot of people are going to be happy to see that return to the monthly meetings.  I am betting Hugh will be there with his awesome 383ci Chevy V8 6spd, and I hear there might be a Turbocharged V8 also making its debut at the meeting.  I am not going to let that secret out of the bag, but I hear it is being driven on test runs right now.    With my leg feeling much better, I am getting really tempted to toss a permit on my V8 and bring it out for the meeting.   It's still not exactly in perfect shape, however the urge to drive it is starting to take over my better judgment of keeping it here and working out all the bugs.  

          Roadfury dropped by my place with his 85GT V6 4spd car today and we did some tinkering and tweaking, when he came here, he was so disappointed with the performance of the car, and frankly just thought that was the way Fiero's were, by the time he left here, the car was smoking up the tires and screaming down the street.     It really brings up an interesting point, if you have a Fiero, and face it if you are reading this, you probably do, and have never driven another Fiero, you may not know what you are missing.       It's possible your car has had issues since day one and you just did not know it.   You may want to ask to take a ride in or, if the owner is willing, let you drive a car that is similar to yours.  Maybe the 2 of you could swap cars for a quick cruise around the block.   Club runs are a great place to get a benchmark on how your car compares to large number of cars.   If you find yourself getting left behind at every light, or feeling like you are going to fly off the road in the corners when everyone else seems to be taking a leisurely stroll, it might be time to start checking things.   Especially if you find yourself needing a fuel stop, when everyone else has only used 1/4 tank of fuel.

The big topics of the meeting will be upcoming events.

         So I'll let the calendar do the speaking for the rest of this message.  

Also I would like to say Thank you to a few people who recently have stood up to help with the details.   Patrick is assisting with meeting info, Tristen is writing the meeting wrap up letters, Dr. Fiero is showing a more active role in setting up club scheduling, and as always Lisa for manning the club funds, club raffles, club rosters, and general club stuff at the sign in table.

With coming events we need to get input from the people attending and finalize all the details.  

I look forward to seeing all of you there at the meeting.   I am sure it will be a blast. 

March 13 Club Meeting

March 20th Chocolates and Coffee @ Euphoria Chocolates in Historic Fort Langley. 

April 10th Club Meeting

April 17th Hells Gate Air Tram and Boston Bar Meet 8am at the McDonalds Parking lot on 152nd Street across from Guildford Mall in Surrey.

May 8th Club Meeting

May 22nd Tech Session, this is the Pre-Arlington Tech day.  This is to evaluate any problems that have shown up on the Hells Gate run, and fix them, as well as do a double check for the Arlington run.   A US to Canada Tow bill would cost more than what some of us paid for our cars.   I will have a list of suggested tools to carry for the event.   

June 5th Arlington Jet City Fiero’s Picnic   7am Meet at 152nd and Hwy 10 in Cloverdale/Surrey at the Tim Horton’s.   Details to be released as the date gets closer. Make sure you have your Passports.

June 12th Club Meeting and Detail Day at my place.  Let’s get together to polish those cars up for the All Pontiac Show.

June 13th All Pontiac Show and Shine at the Barnes Wheaton GM dealership (3050 King George Highway) in the South Surrey Auto Mall  Pre Registration is $15 and includes a free Hamburger/Hotdog and Pop.  Details at -

July 10th Club Meeting

July 16th, 17th, 18th Camping Earls by the River.   .   It'll be a 2-3 day event running July 16th - July 18th.  The 16th will be for people that can get away early enough on Friday to make the run up, and then go Friday, Saturday, then leaving Sunday afternoon.    The actual picnic will be held on July 17th all day. Starting as early as the hangovers permit from the Friday night people.   Also for those that are into paintball, the camp area is next to a paintball range, so feel free to go shooting each other for a few hours.      It’s a pretty open event, the only thing we ask left at home are grumpy attitudes.   We like to have FUN.    We'll supply the BBQ and the condiments, so all you have to bring is meats and buns, optionally, if pre-arranged, Lisa can purchase the food for you and then you can pay her when you get to the event.

August 14th Club Meeting

Aug 21st Whistler Run, meeting in Burnaby somewhere.

Sept 11th Club Meeting

Sept 25th Mopac Dyno Day aprx cost $100 per car.

Oct 9th Club Meeting


Nov 6th Winter Tech day.

Nov 13th Club Meeting

Dec 4th Movie Night

Dec 11th Club Meeting

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 11 April 2010 at 2:10am

Write up from Tristen aka Romeo


When I showed up to the meeting (Having just freshly come from Lacrosse, smelling of success and sweat. lol) I grabbed my orange soda, chugged it, put in on my deck lid, and began chatting with David, Johnny boy, Patrick, Clynt and many more. With a gargantuan turn out today (A whopping 16 cars related to our event! 14 Fiero's, of which 4 were Fastbacks and 10 Notchies), the social vibe was in full swing. After standing out front chit chatting for a long while, the talking simply moved inside for a long while.

Once we got down to business, the first discussion opened up was a reminder that Hell's Gate is next weekend. So, for the following seven days, you will not get in trouble for telling a fellow member to "go to hell".

Following that was discussions regarding Arlington (And by nature, a debate regarding passports versus enhanced licenses) as well as the All Pontiac Show. Don't forget to get some form of ID for getting into Arlington, sign up at the website posted in the forums and sign up for the All Pontiac Show as well. We also spoke of the BBQ fiasco which will be known from here-on-out as the "OMGWTFBBQ" event.

Sail panels took the lime light next. A comparison was made to the wallet-friendly pair from Patrick, and the stock clones. Sadly, Brian was absent to being the OEM ones (Tied up with work) but attendees still had a decent comparison to decide what was right for them.

After touching upon Damien's big-bore throttle body (Of which more information can be found in these forums), discussion moved to Collector's plates again. Following that was a horror story shoot out of oil changes, and a synthetic vs conventional discussion.

Continuing on (It was a very word-y meeting), we began discussion of how many things for Fiero's are becoming rare - if not impossible - to find. In order to maintain these vehicles, we may need to look into converting parts from other cars, or fabricating them ourselves. Of particular discussion was Salve Cylinders (Of which the Good Doctor makes) and shocks (Of which Joni no longer makes. Well, not ridiculously hardcore ones, anyways).

As things drew to a close, people began to trickle out slowly, with some stopping to admire the throttle body, others to compare the sail panels and some particular older individual(s) trying to stop the best-looking club member from taking the waitress home with them... Wait, what were we speaking of?

Oh yes, as the last few members finally left, I found myself playing with a black 2M6 (I'm thinking Damien). What I couldn't figure out is why my car was "whistling" (The same sound wind makes in scary movies) at speeds over 150KPH. Turns out that soda can I had left on my deck lid had caught itself between the spoiler and the deck lid, and the wind would wrap around it that at 150+ speeds, it would become audible. Science, she is the win!



Pics from Capt Fiero

Pics from the meeting, I went ahead and included about 90% of the photos I took.  So I'll let you choose the ones that you think are good.  There are 51 photo's.  I really like some of the ones that I took from the ground level.     If for some reason the below photos don't load, go to -

West Coast Fiero's April 10th 2010

">Click to enlarge image">Click to enlarge image">Click to enlarge image">Click to enlarge image
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768 X 900
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244 KB


Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 13 May 2010 at 8:00am

Well brothers and sisters, despite the abhorrently low
Fiero count (Six. All fastbacks.), as usual we rocked the
proverbial casbah. The meeting started with the mandatory
chatting amongst members in the parking lot, including
Grimm Dragon's maker (Chris), along with our italian
artist (Johnny Boy), our chief (David), our super-sexy
young member (This one) and Patrick.

As things moved inside, chatting continued amongst
several more members including David, Damien, our sound
GURU (Sorry brother, your name eludes me!) and many more.
Once things got organized, a whopping $3 50/50 draw was
won, followed by yours truly winning free food, and
members snagging mint-condition dog-bones and light-up
shift knobs (Red and blue, both won by John). The
organized topics were very brief, but it was abundantly
clear that there were two hot-button topics: Arlington
and insurence. Reminding all of you that Arlington is
just around the corner, so get your passports/enhanced
IDs, and please bring any canopies/chairs if you can, the
club could really use them.

Insurence made for some interesting discussion,
especially with regards to agreed value, where the
customer can elect to set the "worth" of their vehicle,
making it very intriguing to members such as Johnny Boy,
Blair and our sound guy (Sorry again!), who's vehicles
are worth significantly more than the blue book value of
their vehicle. Hagerty's was also presented as a paragon
in comparison to the make-you-want-to-stick-nails-in-
your-eyes tactics of ICBC as well.

We briefly touched upon the Pontiac Show (Don't forget
to pre-register, there's incentives to), the upcoming
tech session and Damien's work on the throttle body and
manifold combination. Patrick also shed some valuable
light on the enhanced ID process, which is $52 to change
a current lisence over to, or $35 (Plus the initial $75)
when renewing, and is mailed within ten days.

One of the most intriguing moments of the night was
the introduction to our newest brother, Wayne, who's four
cylinder is unfortunately un-salvagable, but remains
eager to drive the pegasus emblem, having fallen for a
2M4 back during the initial Fiero-mania in '84. Until
then, he is the owner of a Grand Prix GXP (3.8L Series II
Supercharged) which should fill the gap until he can find
a Pontiac with the engine in the proper half of the car.

The organized aspect of the meeting was brief but
things continued for a very, very long time in the
parking lot (Almost two hours by the time David, Patrick
and I left) where Wayne was able to show off his
moderately tuned and very clean Grand Prix. Also present
was the insane-audio Fiero, which ran no less than six 8"
subs, a four channel and mono-block amp, and a battery
that's large enough to power a small city. And that's not
even touching upon all the visual modifications that have
been done. David's '88, Patrick's '86 (Sporting the gold
hood off of his current project) Luke's '86 and my
Gretchin rounded out the roster.

Our audio-connaisseur Arun suggested an audio tech-
session one day, which I will admit I am completely in
favour of, and I came up with the brilliant idea of
mounting a battery down by the front cross-member of the
vehicle, which David promptly informed has been done
before. Such as on his own vehicle.

And, as an added anecdote for Patrick, I strolled on
up to our waitress and proceeded to collect a phone
number. He can enjoy knowing that my high from that
victory was short-lived, as I proceded to be LIT UP by a
2008 Corvette ZO6 on the highway.

Tristen aka Romeo

West Coast Fiero's May 8th 2010 club meeting

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Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 14 October 2010 at 5:17pm
October meeting wrap up information can be found here, - 5&PN=1

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 14 November 2010 at 8:39am

First off, let me start by extending a sincere thanks to Johnny Boy and Clynt for taking me to and driving me home from the meeting.

Well, today's well-populated meeting was, in all honesty, rather helter-skelter, but still very enjoyable. Although I wasn't present for the pre-meeting socializing, I'm sure there was a whole bunch of interesting things that happened. Probably including ninjas and hippopotami.

However, when I did arrive, I was greeted to the sight of TONS of members. Patrick, Harrison, Damien, David, Maurine, Michelle, Lisa, Colby, John and many, many more were all present and accounted for. Of special note was the number of new members who also populated the meeting. I will allow them to introduce themselves here, but there were quite a few of them.

The main topic of discussion was planning next year's events/runs. There were many proposed, and all were voted upon. During the voting phase, it was also noted that interest in tomorrow's tech session had wained, and thus was postponed indefinitely. Following the official discussion was talk of Colby's suspension issue at the moment, of which the consensus seems to be cradle bushings or rear tie rods.

Last up was a discussion of tools, notably OBD-II scanners, lab scopes and turbo timers. And it was on that note that the meeting came to an end. People slowly trickled out while Patrick managed to chat with the lovely Emily.

And with that, I leave you with Patty as a classy dude:

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 02 January 2011 at 10:17am

Let me start by first wishing a Merry Christmas to all...

Today's meeting started under the oppressing rainfall. I can safely say that having darted into the club meet at 4:30, most found the rain counter-productive to parking lot chats.

A tidal wave of members rushed in around 5:30, and immeadiately began chatting an setting up. A few more members slowly trickled in during the next hour or so. Once the population had finalized, secret santa began, bringing smiles to a number of members. More gifts were had from the giveaways, in which Harrison found himself in possession of the winning 50/50 ticket (Which officially makes him the richest person in attendance tonight), as well as one of the winners of a door prize, a title he also shared with Patrick and Lynn. Following that was a brief respite for food and drink, courtesy of David and Lisa (Don't forget to thank them, please). The official half of the discussion was similarly quick, effectively miming the discussion of last months meeting, namely, which runs to do, and when to do them, if possible. Patrick also briefly spoke of the Sunshine Coast run, and also felt around to see if anyone was looking to be rid of Ford Taurus alloy rims.

Even after the meeting, everyone stayed and chatted until we were figuratively told to get lost by our lovely waitresses. Which also brings me to the most important event of tonight's meeting: Emily hugged me and not Patrick. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA.

...And to all, a good night.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 09 January 2011 at 2:03pm

View the entire wrap up thread here. -

Anyways, today's meeting started under dark pretenses. Johnny Boy was apparently leaving Rambunkshush. David was stepping down as club head. Patrick was being all nyuh, I'm eating with other people. All things considered, an event to be feared. Things didn't pick up much with the attendance of Fieros as of 5:45, with only two present. Eventually more members, and eventually a couple Fieros trickled in.

Perhaps one of the highlight moments, if not the most interesting point of the every meeting this year (Hehe) was that a particular member was in attendance: NIGEL!!! (Sorry to get your hopes up, Marcel). Yes, thanks to the good doctor, and the power of the interwebz, Nigel was chatting to the group through the Doctor's phone, and it's webcam.

Cautiously optimistic, Marcel, Clynt and I proceded to grill Johnny Boy, who conceded he wants to drastically re-style RBS, and shed some pounds (While moving other pounds to more beneficial locations).

With those two bombshells out of the way, we moved inside the club, where Marcel, Clynt and I continued to fear any alterations to the perfection that is RBS. After a little bit of time, we moved on to door prizes, and on his first meeting back in a while, guess who managed to steal a door prize? Yes, for those of you who want/need a reason to hate Marcel, his win-streak continues on. It was just after this that Ken showed up as well.

Once the meeting picked up, we inevitably moved towards club runs and roughly setting times (Typically just the month). What has been verified thus far is: Tech session in April, Tech session in May, possibly a Cinco de Mayo run in May (Duh), Hell's Gate run in May, Possibly a movie/drive-in during June, possibly Duffy Lake in June, I believe Arlington in July, All Pontiac in September, Tech session in October, I believe Chilliwack in November, a Christmas party in December at Fireside, something in January, and a Chocolate Run in February (So grab your Valentine's Gift's, thanks for the idea Michelle!). Other suggestions thrown about involved a year-early end-of-the-world-party, amongst other things. Emily also agreed to come to the Harrison Hot Springs run to go swimming. Ahead of time, I call dibs for her in my car.

The next topic of discussion was a more sombre affair, as David spoke of stepping down as club head. Luckily, that disaster was averted thanks to some club members offering constructive alternatives. It was finally agreed upon that the solution was not David utterly stepping down, but having other members step up to ease the work-load. While I only thought to add meeting reminders to my list, I'd like to thank for taking on club sign-up and meeting set-up, Damien for taking on event co-ordination and the two of them offering to do the speaking when needed, with me being a last resort. Colby was also designated our club "Autocross Go-To Guy".

The club finally finished with a discussion on perhaps doing a club drag-race out at Mission some time, although nothing was particularly solidified.

It was at this point that I continued on to flirting with the adorable Emily, until the last of us had left, in which point the Bergquist's and I decided it was a good time to call it a night as well. The last moment of the meeting may or may not have involved David spinning or not spinning his tires while leaving or not leaving the parking lot. 

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 12 February 2011 at 9:32pm

Today's small meeting was first introduced under a veil of frustration, for anyone caught on the wrong side of the Port Mann, as an absolute grid lock plagued the highway for many miles, reducing the pace to a point where I couldn't sustain first gear.

After fighting my way through that event, I finally made it to the parking lot, where I was in awe of the huge turnout of two Fieros. I parked my own Fiero quietly an slunked in to the restaurant (Of which we will be taking a vote on moving from or staying in a bit). Inside, Patrick and his lady Anne, David and his lady Lisa, Glen et al were hunched over a few tables, further highlighting the relatively low attendance. In some time, Harrison and Damien trickled in, bringing our numbers up to the double digits. From there, socialization seemed to be more common than any organized discussion, as topics such as supercar companies, Lotus' new diet issues, supercharging, ridiculous modifications, carbon fibre vs magnesium rims, belts and inline-fours were discussed, with the official discussion consisting of setting up a Go-Kart run on the 27th (I will let Damien handle the details further, he's far better informed than I). Discussions continued over unimportant things, typically under the umbrella of the automotive industry. Eventually, however, we stumbled on to a question which may have contributed to the abhorrent attendance today: Meeting location. I will be starting a poll in which you, the community, are polled on your opinion of our current location, as well as possible alternatives. Somewhere in there, Patrick won the dinner, a multimeter was stolen by a sexy young gun, a supercharged driving younger member walked away with a brand new notchback Fiero (In 1:24th scale...) and a distinguished member found himself revelling in his winnings. And then, a head-to-head 50/50 battle emerged, between Glen and I. Beads of sweat dripped down our faces as we awaited the numbers that would decide who would be going home a rich man. As the final number was spoken, I jumped up in a flurry of class and collected my $2, effectively breaking even.

And, with that, the meeting died, not with a bang, but with a wimper.

Never shift into reverse without a back-up plan.

Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 13 March 2011 at 3:57pm

I apologize for the tardiness of this month's write-up. Shaw had been doing maintenance last night, leaving me without internet.

Arriving almost late to the meeting, I snuck in just as the clock reached it's apex at the bottom of it's revolution. Quickly parking the mama's Jeep (No Gretchin yesterday), I glanced over and embraced the sight of about eight cars, as well as Harrison and his lady making their way in to the parking lot with his 3800-powered Fiero. Stopping to wait for him, we made our way in only to see Robin (Boxin' Robin) pulling in to the parking lot, making his debut meeting.

Arriving in the meeting, I patted myself down only to realize I had a measly $5 on me, which was immediately dropped in to the door prize. Following that, I sauntered over to Clynt and David, to sit down. To be completely honest, I was too deeply entrenched in conversation to notice what else was going on with the club, but I believe aliens and ninjas were involved. And possibly alien-ninjas. I'm awaiting verification on this. Once Robin got in and was canonized, the floor was handed to David.

Preceding the discussions was the Dinner Draw, Door Prizes and 50/50. Ken managed to walk away with the dinner draw, Kevin was seeing dollar signs having picked up the 50/50, and then the battle shifted to the Door Prizes, where all eyes were on a light-up, push-button ignition. And, as the first numbers were announced, I rushed to move nowhere (Being trapped in by Clynt), but never-the-less, declared dibs on the push-button ignition. The room quickly and inevitably turned on me when I announced I would not be putting it in my Fiero, but rather my GMC Sierra (As I need something shiny to break up all the flat black).

Discussions were appropriately short, but effectively the discussion was on people who were commiting to Damien's (Dawg) pulley project. Following that, all focus shifted to Ken to discuss the lauded Fish and Chips run coming up. I will try not to steal the thunder from his thread, but of special note is the run is entirely dependant on the weather. If it is raining, or excessively windy, the run may be postponed to the following Sunday, but please follow his thread to remain informed. Following that, we quickly touch on Arlington, the All Pontiac Show and the Duffy Lake Run, when it was discovered a tech session prior to those events might be beneficial. Nothing is set in stone, date-wise, but Damien made the awesome suggestion of preparing a Fiero-specific checklist of things to check before those huge drives. Last up, it was mentioned there is a gentleman just across the border closing up a large Fiero warehouse of parts. Tito managed to pick up doors, with everything (Door skin, glass, power window motors, etc) for a paltry $20. At this time, the Reno trip (I will allow David to explain it further) was mentioned, as was a local Gumball rally (Again, please refer to the thread on the forums). With the discussion having died down, it was then that everyone headed out, at around 8:00pm.

I stayed behind to chat with David about such serious topics such as nitrous and power curves, although the post-meeting socialization was more brief than normal, possibly spurred by the uninspiring weather. For once, I enjoyed my cruise home, not wondering when my car was going to try and kill me.

Never shift into reverse without a back-up plan.

Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 09 April 2011 at 9:17pm

Well, today's attendence rivalled that of our previous low point of the time since I've been here - 11. Arriving promptly at 5:30, I waited nervously in the parking lot for someone, anyone, to show. At 6:15, Tim rolled in. It is of special note as he was the sole Fiero in attendence. About 15 or 20 minutes later, I recieved a mysterious phone call from a crazed lunatic claiming he could see me. Incidentally, I discovered John (The Doc) in the parking lot as well, and it was decided we'd head inside to avoid the drab weather. Our lovely RedWilley pulled in around this point as well, and the five of us headed inside. From there, a member or two would trickle in, ending with Damien around 7:30(ish).

Official discussions included... Well, nothing. It was more of a social event, although I found myself entrenched in conversations pertaining to superchargers, Ford Foci (Plural of Focus), the border patrol, youthful shenanigans, diabetes, tires and just about everything else that possibly could be discussed. Just as quickly as it began, it was over around 8:30, and the group slowly made their way to the doors.

I apologize for the first picture. The compression of it appears to have removed Damiens face somehow. But I think we all learned a valuable lesson: Damien's face is uncompressable.

Never shift into reverse without a back-up plan.

Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 07 May 2011 at 4:45pm

Well, for those of you who missed out on today, but wanted a ridiculous thorough review of what happened - you're in luck.

I got a text at 8am reminding me that I was, in fact, supposed to be several miles away from where I was at the moment - at home. With that, I through on clothes, grabbed my camera, keys and caffeine, and booked it out the door. I whipped over to Langley where I met this guy:

Pictured above: Harrison, in all his blurry glory.

After lending me a walkie-talkie, and introducing me to Antonio, his buddy, we quickly established a couple things, most important of which was that neither of us had a damn clue where we were going. As such, navigational duties would be left to the next gentlemen we were to retrieve. This guy:

Pictured above: Colby. Damn they look ridiculous in that chair.

Deciding to give mother nature the finger, we quickly set about ignoring the speed limits, with Colby leading the charge (Mainly to prevent Harrison and I from getting completely and utterly lost). Having filled up in Abbotsford, I thought nothing of slowing down, then chasing Harrison during particular slow sections, wasting about $20 worth of gas in the process. But, more importantly, I stopped when I heard an unhealthy clunk/bang noise when transitioning from left to right (I don't even want to know what it was). We stopped in a pullout, I rocked Gretchin (I have that effect on the ladies) and failing to find anything, told them to go ahead once again. Luckily, the sound stopped from then on. It would be the last stop until we made it to Hell's Gate.

Those of you with a keen eye might've noticed a couple of drops in the air. This, of course, was not an issue. After all, it was still easy to make out who I was following.

Pictured above: Harrison.

Pictured above: Colby.

Pictured above: ...Colby? Ish?

Pictured above: Harrison. Unaltered picture.

Ok, so that last one might not have happened, but it did generally seem like we were outrunning mother nature herself. When we got to Hell's Gate, both Colby and Harrison drifted (Accidentally) into the parking lot, both realizing three things at the last possible moment: There was a parking lot about five feet away. They were still travelling at highway speed. It was a gravel driveway.

This made for some intense Toyko Drift action as I followed them in. As we hopped out, we realized we had beaten mother nature in a race - those stupid, slow clouds were still a couple kilometres back.

Haha. Stupid clouds. You suck at racing.

We emerged, stretched out our legs, made terrible jokes. You know, awesome young people stuff. We then sauntered across the road to Hell's Gate.

This place.

We all paid our $20 and were told to hold on to our tickets for the ride back up. We took the gondola down while discussing bungie jumping (Stupid bungie jumping) and skydiving (Awesome skydiving) with our gondola-guy. Once at the bottom, we took the necessary "Oh-my-god-that-chair-makes-you-look-ridiculous pictures, waited for nature to catch back up (Damn she was slow), and then went across the bridge to the other side. I convinced the others to walk in to the train tunnel:

Yeah - that couldn't end badly.

We made our way back to the other side and stopped in for a bite to eat, as well as to laugh/revel at the gift shop. Once done, it was decided it would be a great time to head back up. We returned to our cars...

Aww... Arn't they adorable?

...And head back home. After we stopped in for gas, Harrison and I drifted our way across the road (Because, you know, screw tires) and eventually back towards home. We passed through a number of tunnels Ken would've enjoyed:

Pictured above: ...A tunnel?

 We saw Colby off back in Abbotsford, and were immediately rewarded for not following the speed limit by being absolutely locked in traffic for about fifteen minutes, before we too finally seperated at Brunette. All in all, an awesome day for a group of four people who's combined age wouldn't have even broken the triple digits.

Pictured above: Immaturity.

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Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 15 May 2011 at 8:19pm

Meeting wrap up for May 14th 2011

Tristan was oddly absent for the meeting, so I am going to try and brush off my old wrap up writing skills and fire this up.

The meeting was first and foremost a great success with over 30 people at the meeting.  It was very busy indeed.

The main topics were the Arlington run and the All Pontiac show.  Several people handed in there pre registration forms.  So that was great.  Thank you Ken So, Tino Kozljan, Maureen and Harrison Moon. Myself and Lisa Bergquist.

 Please read the Arlington thread for the details on that.

Honestly that was the main topics of the night. 

John Craker announced that he had a few of the Engraved Fiero Air Cleaner nuts left for sale.  

We will be doing a Pre-Polish for the All Pontiac Show at Glenn F's house on the Saturday before the show. (Same day as the meeting, so we will do the polish then head to the meeting)

The idea of doing a Tech day for 1 part, IE, one day rebuilding a bunch of Starters, or Alternators or Dist Shafts.  Instead of the random stuff that we do.  

Uhm I think that's it, so here are the pics.

May 14th 2011 West Coast Fiero's Meeting Pics">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
114 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 285
51 KB">Click to enlarge image
999 X 331
48 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 446
61 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 325
61 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 581
85 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
127 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 467
76 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
89 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
85 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
82 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
104 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
130 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 527
81 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 469
83 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 750
117 KB">Click to enlarge image
1000 X 638
67 KB

Capt Fiero
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Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 11 June 2011 at 10:57pm

Well, using the Jeep, I snuck my way in to the meeting at 6:00pm. A whole slew of Fieros was already in attendance, and there would be more to come later. Everyone stayed out front for quite some time, until heading inside (Except Harrison, who had to be somewhere, and thus left).

Once inside, things were relatively short, with a quick reminder of the All Pontiac Show tomorrow, and a brief recap of the Arlington trip. We also brought up the changes to the Whistler trip, which can be viewed in it's own thread. Following those quick discussions, things switched over to the prizes, where this boy managed to eke out a win in the 50/50 and dinner draw, while three other members took home door prizes (A coil-over cup holder, five litres of Castrol Syntec and... I forgot the last, to be honest). Despite the extremely short discussion, everyone remained inside chatting. During the evening, we managed to pick up a few more members, including Steve (Also known as Medic, the gentleman who own's the black Northstar-powered Fiero). After an extremely long time, the last of us made our way outside.

There the socialization continued, with a large congregation around Steve's awesome new toy. Everyone stayed for various lengths, with the last of us finally letting Steve leave towards 8:30. Eventually I left a little bit after that, enduring the long, boring drive home in the completely uninspiring Jeep.

Meeting pics can be seen here. - 5

Never shift into reverse without a back-up plan.

Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 09 July 2011 at 10:38pm

For the third month in a row I have attended without Gretchin. I do believe that is some sort of record of some kind.

Anyways, Patrick pulled up to my place about 5:00, and we made great pace to meet, hoping to be early enough to get some socialization in before the 6:00 start time. When we pulled in the lot, there was not a single Fiero, an attendance that remained consistent up until about 5:45, where our newest members Peter and Pat pulled up. After introducing ourselves, Damien was there shortly after, and then the floodgates opened and a whole plethora of Fieros arrived.

Unfortunately, this was also about 6:05, so the meeting started a touch late as well stayed out to chat with one another and admire eachother's vehicles. Patrick also tried to ask if anyone, had properly aimed headlights, as his needed to be aligned. Unlike most days, the group wandered it bit by bit, rather than our usual wave of members. Anyways, we all settled in and things were rather slow to begin inside as well.

Starting first with the draws, Peter drew won his first dinner draw on his first day, I managed to take the 50/50 and a Door Prize (Blinky shift knob) and Harrison nudged out Patty for a 3/8" Ratchet (Young guys are just better in every concievable way, I guess is what I'm saying). =P

After that, Mr Patrick took the floor, first introducing our newest members. Then he discussed... Um... Something, don't really remember off-hand. We then moved on to a comparison of pre-88 to '88 Fieros at Aircare, at which the '88 is twice as strict at driving tests, and up to five times as strict at idle. Yeah, have fun trying to pass, tip of the day: Swap VINs if you own an '88.

He then continued rambling on about Gary's rear sway - I mean Patrick's sway bar. Following that was a auto-cross interview between Colby and Harrison (With Colby throwing down against Harrison) and another shameless self-promotion of us trying to get more autocross drivers. We ended with a brief reminder of both the July 30th autocross event (Corvette Club) and the Whistler Run on the 31st.

Things then went back outside, where Harrison went to fix his vacuum leak (Which sadly ended up evading his repair attempts) while David and team Colby tried to chase down his pesky rich/lean issue using the scan-tool. While this went on, Patrick and I argued about various things, and said goodbye to Harrison as he headed back home. We then sauntered over to Colby's car, but I missed the final consensus, one of them will have to post. At this point David headed home, and Gary instructed me to place money on the ground, near his tire.

Confused but curious, I did as he and he told Patrick to note where his headlights were, then left. As Patrick quickly fiddled with his lights, he got them spot on and we raced back home in time to run in to a mass of unmoving traffic.

And on that bombshell, we say goodnight.

Never shift into reverse without a back-up plan.

Posted By: Graeme
Date Posted: 12 September 2011 at 9:17pm

Apologies for the significant delay, I was really tired last night, and just woke up today.

Anyways, Patrick picked me up at 5:00(ish) and we made our way over to the meeting, unburdened by traffic of any kind. We made our way in to the parking lot, meeting two other Fieros. We must've just missed the Langley Cruise-In, as within seconds of us arriving, Fieros came out en masse filling up the lot in no time. A Cadillac STS and BMW X3 also arrived carrying WCF cargo in the form of Harrison, Johnny Boy and Clynt.

As Maureen and David began recalling all the events of the Cruise-In earlier that day, other members congregated together to discuss other affairs, such as Brian's awful parking job.

Of course, after quite a while of this, we made our way inside the restaurant. The meeting was a large gathering, with members lining the room corner to corner. With a long time of useless chit-chat from the parking lot fresh in mind, the club did the only logical thing and carried on doing so inside. Eventually, the draws were held by David, with the dinner draw being won by himself (RIGGED!), and a couple of the prizes donated by Ken being carnivorously snatched up by Harrison and I (Thank you again, Ken!)

Following that, the club discussion commenced in its official role, starting with Patrick and Johnny Boy's (Sort've) wheel spacers, with the two gentlemen taking up opposing views on their opinion of them (The former quite liking them, and the latter expressing concern about their durability). We also passed around and eyed up the lovely trophy and plaque we had (With the big trophy courtesy of Ken, and his wonderfully stock '85). The club then brought up the Iona Park run today, which was ultimately shot down due simply to a lack of warning, and thus, attendance. Mauree also brought up a problem which has plagued our runs many times before: Changing plans without alerting the entirety of the club, leaving many members stranded and isolated. Ken suggested simply following the plans to the letter, with no "last-minute corrections" in place to isolate anyone who wouldn't be there to hear. Finally, I brought up the fact that Dan Watt has a Corvette Rack conversion for the Fiero available, a fact which seem to elicit interest from David, Johnny and especially Brian.

We ended by deciding to head down to the remnents of the Cruise-In, where Maureen, David, Patrick, Harrison, Arun, Lisa, Ryan and I decided it would be worth the commute despite being largely finished by now. After getting lost a couple of times, we ended up at the one corner, where we stayed for quite a while. One by one, we slowly trickled away, although we also gained a member (Manny, in his blue fastback) at one point. Eventually, with all other members gone, Patrick decided it was time to head off as well. I got home around 10:15 and decided that the write-up could wait until today. You know, to build suspense.

Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 08 October 2011 at 9:53pm


If you're reading this, could you please go and vote in the new - Poll on how to manage the front page .

Thank you very much for taking a moment to improve the club.

Never shift into reverse without a back-up plan.

Posted By: Romeo
Date Posted: 11 December 2011 at 1:21am

Alright, well, the poll has been finalized, and - option #2  won by a landslide. So, as soon as I can get it set up, the front page will consist of an abbreviated list of events, with the next upcoming event being highlighted and described for easy reference.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote!

Never shift into reverse without a back-up plan.

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 06 August 2013 at 7:56pm
Will be Updated Soon.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 19 September 2013 at 10:02pm
Alright, after many long months, a proper meeting, with door prizes, minutes, and important topics discussed!

6 Fieros showed up, including Joe’s white GT (arctic-1 on here) and a new member’s silver ’84 – Roger.
Glenn, Maureen, Ken and I were the rest of the Fieros.

We discussed the issue of this year’s dues, only 3 of us had payed them, and there wasn’t really a whole lot happening this year, we decided to roll those over into next years dues. The dues are still going be left at $30.
Meetings will stay at the usual Ricky’s for the time being, rotating locations are too complicated to keep track of, and everyone (at least those who showed up) figured it is the best option right now.

We talked about the All Pontiac show in June, we had a pretty weak turnout of only 4 cars this year, and with 6 prizes for us, that wasn’t too good, so it looks like there will just be a single Fiero class next year, hopefully they won’t roll us into a more general class.

We will have to redo our club cards, since they all still have Dave’s contact info on them, and they could use some updating anyway.

Hopefully as we get things back on track, we can have more events and runs for 2014, maybe even some tech sessions or 2.
I will try to get some more Lordco cards for the club next time I am there, since we are all out. We also have a Napa account, but we are all out of cards for that as well, so will need to get some more.

Ken has planned a run to Harrison Hot Springs at the end of October, so hopefully we can get a decent showing of Fieros before many of them get tucked away for the winter. - More info here.

I didn’t take any pictures, but here are some courtesy of John and Ken:


88GT 3800 SC1 F23 5-speed

Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 19 January 2014 at 9:37pm
Our next meeting is saturday february 8th at 6pm
Ricky's all day grill in Langley on 204th just off 88th north of Hwy 1

January's wrap up letter:

First meeting of the year!

Looks like things are off to a good start for 2014, with lots of Fieros in attendance at the meeting, and even more people.
A couple pictures to start this off:

And a few words from Glenn:

Well the meeting started with some nice weather outside
and more that the usual number of Fieros there.
Attendance was good and the meeting started about 7:10
with the opening announcement of the 2014 season.
Honorary membership was given to Captain Fiero (Dave) and
Fiero Chick (Lisa) for the years of service to the club
and for which if it wasn't for them the club wouldn't
exist in this form. Dave and Lisa were attending. We
enjoyed the company of a new attendee Jordan and his Gold
GT with flush mounted headlights. Nice!! Hope to see you
again. Discussion about dues and that they are due by the
end of March, but will stay the same at $30.00. We
discussed that we are going to be participating in a lot
more this year and that we are going to be more involved
with attending other club functions. We had Patrick
discuss the Auto Cross events and he gave a great and
exuberant portrayal of the events that surround the Auto
Cross events. Something this driver is looking forward to
trying as Patrick and others rest assured fears of
potential damage to one's prize possession. It was
wonderful to see members out who haven't been there for
awhile and I feel that we are out of the gate at a good
start. Discussions regarding Arlington, The All Pontiac
Show, and runs were talked about.
All in all a good meeting with members staying after the
1 hour meeting to enjoy conversation with others. Many
thanks to all who attended and looking forward to a warm
and event filled Summer.

Some other things mentioned were possibly moving some meetings to the west side of the Port Mann, to make it more convenient for members on that side to attend the meetings without having to go so far/pay the toll.
We also discussed the idea of having less formal meetups as well in parks or other such places when the weather is nice and as a good excuse to go for a cruise in our Fieros.

In the meeting thread - here the idea of setting up a camera and live streaming the meetings online so that those who do not live in the lower mainland and take part in the meetings. We will see what comes of this idea in the months to come.
A few more pictures:

See you next month!

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 10 February 2014 at 1:50pm
Our next meeting is March 8th, 2014.

It was the second meeting of 2014 and attendance was good. Starting at 7:02, the financial report was read and new guests were introduced Don McRae and Gabby. Welcoming back after a long absence was Tino and Tristan. Therefore attending were Tino, Patrick, Colby,Gary J. Jordan, Don McRae, Daniel, Jim, Tristan, Glenn, Henry, Clynt, John Carlo, and Gabby (Guest of Johns). Welcome to Don McRae attending his first meeting and bringing good suggestions and opinions to the floor. Welcome to Gabby a friend from Winnipeg. Well it's February and we are all looking forward to a warm, event filled Summer.

Opening the meeting, a Thank You to John Carlo for pictures and posting of those pictures to the web site. Well done. Tristan let us know that Gretchen is still not well but hopes to attend sometime soon after having a temper tantrum (blowing up) on the Arlington run.(Gretchen is his car) Good luck with that Tristan. Discussions opened with letting members know that a meet with Kent Roberts recently from the Pontiac Club went well and we are hoping to get together with them during the Summer on a run or event. Also, contact was made with Jet City Fieros but no info regarding Arlington as of yet. Suggested to J.C. Fieros was a get together mid way for a picnic or car show at an auto related store but nothing to report as of yet.

Addressed was the proposal for a 4 draw per year rather than the 12 draw (currently on hold) to renew interest and promote events, along with 2 expense paid picnics for members. Patrick spoke on pros and cons of that suggestion, outlining benefits of a 12 draw scenario and getting discussions moving, pointing out the idea is to get members to attend meetings. Good Job Patrick! We need members to speak up.

Don McRae spoke from past history with car clubs on ways to facilitate promotion of the club and suggested a liaison to communicate within the club as well. Thank you Don. There was certainly some good ideas now hitting the floor, including making the draws convertible to "Club Dollars" to use at an event or picnic.

We discussed that "Polls" on the website seldom get significant results to make informed decisions, therefore a poll wouldn't be a good way of resolving this question.

There was a proposal for an April 26 or 27 run starting at the New West Pool ( which has a big parking lot ) to Stanley Park which gives a good start point to those on the west side of the Port Mann Bridge. Suggestions making that run to Britannia Mines rather than Stanley Park is a good suggestion, as this would be a stronger destination point, a bit longer a run, and less for parking. Don brought attention to the floor that the Mustang Club meets at the lot across from the New West Pool, therefore contact will be made with them to see if they may be interested in a hello or get together. Again discussions were mixed on roaming meetings as the bridge toll weighs heavy on some minds and pocket books, however belief is that a couple of open air meeting in well thought out spots, will benefit the clubs exposure and help attendance for those old and new members in the local Vancouver area. The meeting wrapped up at 7:53. Thank you to all who attended and thanks again for the thoughts and suggestions. Please remember the club is about the members, and the members are who bring direction to the route it travels.

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 17 March 2014 at 6:39pm
Our next meeting is saturday, April 12th

Well, March 8th meeting was a far cry from the last, as
hardly anyone showed up. Could it be because dues are
Attending was Dave ( Capt. Fiero), Jim McHollister,
Harrison Moon and Glenn Atchison (chair) Opening minutes
though informal,was to read the financial report.
Discussions were around April run to Britannia Mines,
limiting members who are not in good standing with the
club, Arlington meet, Club Picnics and Horse Power vs
performance parts.
Discussion about: Members who attend meeting are members.
Right? So what is the club, if not provided for by its
members. Those attending should want to be part of the
Fiero Club so a mere $30.00 dues should be nothing.
Considering what you get. Most clubs give you nothing.
Oh by the way the bonus draw was done. This used to be
the old dinner draw. Those who have paid their dues and
have attended 2 meeting between the first quarter (Jan –
Mar), their names were written on tickets and drawn by a
independent attendee (waitress). Those eligible were John
Carlo, Harrison Moon, Danial Vandekamp, Jim McHollister
and Glenn Atchison The winner was Jim McHollister who won
$20.00 Congratulations Jim. ( Gotta watch this guy he
wins all the time)
So anyways there was a small get together and I certainly
hope that as we proceed into Summer we get more
Revisions being as follows:
So as it stands now, you may attend two meetings per year
without paying dues, all others need to pay up. If you
are not interested in the club, the runs and the
benefits,don't pay, don't attend, And we'll see you two
times per year, and you don't get the free stuff at the
picnics, or Arlington. The club is about you!
Talked to Fiero Dave from Jet City and yes, Arlington is
on June 7th and we are all looking forward to it.
Discussions regarding a show and shine maybe midway
between Seattle and Vancouver are ongoing with a hope
that it comes about. Talked to Kent Roberts from the
Pontiac Club and it is our hope that they may consider
the run to Britannia Mines.
Anyway, summation is Dues are due next meeting please.
Please advise me who is attending the Run on the 27th
Sunday to Britannia Mines and the entry fee or that is
due April meeting. Hope ya all come back now hear !


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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 18 April 2014 at 11:29am
Our next event is saturday June 7th - Arlington Fiero Picnic - here

The PPPCC all pontiac show and shine is the following day, sunday June 8th, at cascades casino in Langley.
info - here

April 12 brought our fourth meeting of 2014, there was a good crowd of 17 or so, and 6 fieros showed up. There was a lot of discussion about upcoming events and the club in general.
First, some pictures courtesy of Ken:

There was a good crowd and the meeting started at approximately 7 p.m. Treasure's report was read and discussions around upcoming events, such as the April 27th run to Britannia Mine, (see below) Arlington, and a club picnic.
Some dues were paid, and the reminder was mentioned regarding dues for next meeting.
Also brought to the floor was the current situation regarding the website. It has been agreed by the membership to have Colby overhaul and maintain the website with help from Damien. The members would like to thank Graham for all his diligent work over the years; we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for all that he has done.

It was also mentioned that the Pacific Performance Pontiac Car Clubs 26th annual show and shine will be June 8 and those wishing to attend should contact them through the PPPCC website. (entry forms will be at the next meeting. )

It was also decided that meetings occurring on long weekends, will now be held on the following weekend, as attendance is generally weak as people are often away., although there are no long weekend meetings in 2014.
Again discussed was the BC Corvette Club's driving skills event coming on May 10th. It is suggested that those wishing to attend have payment into the Corvette Club prior to May 8th. (please see the posted thread - here ). Those wishing to pay on the attending day will pay a premium, additional $5 according to the thread. Thank you to Patrick for keeping us up to date with this information. This should be a must for anyone owning a Fiero as it will strongly assist you with the understanding of the capabilities of your car.

Regarding the April 27th run to Britannia Mine, we will be meeting at 10:30 a.m. in the parking lot of the Canada Games pool in New Westminister, and will be leaving promptly at 11 o'clock. Please note: bring a lunch with you as we will probably stopping at Porteau Cove for lunch. GMRS radios are required, there will be some loaners for anyone who does not own a GMRS radio.
I would also like to thank Brice for attending, and hope to see you again.

And if anyone is wondering how late we can hang out in the parking lot after the meeting, as the last 2 of us found out, hotel security will ask you to leave around 11.

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 09 July 2014 at 2:34pm
Our next club meeting is this weekend!

Location to be decided, check out here for all the info: 3494&PN=1&get=last - Forum

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 17 July 2014 at 9:17pm
Another meeting done.

This one was a little less formal than normal, and in a new location!

We met at Market Crossing in Burnaby by the Staples/Boston pizza.

4 Fieros showed up in all, with a couple others driving notFieros.

Daniel, Jim, Patrick, Brian & Kerstin and myself showed up, with Ken stopping by to say hello and take some nice photos, Even Dr. Fiero showed up in his shiny fast notFiero.

After some chat in the parking lot, we made our way into Boston Pizza for food and refreshments. We discussed some autocross, some past events, the loss of Tim's Fiero among other not so related topics.

All in all, it was a good meeting, a nice change of location for those on the other side of the Fraser and a beautiful day.

We will probably do a different location again for the August meeting, maybe at the end of a run, although I won't be in town. Suggestions welcome!

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 13 January 2015 at 8:52pm
Next meeting is February 14th.

Forum thread - here

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 15 February 2015 at 1:57pm
From Glenn:

February 14, 2015

Meeting started a bit late this time, as we were all
enjoying conversation, but never the less did start about
7:40pm. Meeting opened with a Happy Valentines Day to all
attending. A brief intro was made, following with the
financial report. Attending members were Dave, Lisa and
Arianna, Maureen, Harrison, Jim, Daniel V, John C, Tony,
and Glenn.
This was a short meeting discussing a membership drive,
upcoming events, a new discount supplier, membership
cards and security features for those cards. It was
brought to the floor’s attention that this years Show &
Shine would be June 14th. (location not known at this
time of writing). It is clear that everyone is chomping
at the bit to get the cars back on the road. This winter
has been un-usually mild, and not as rainy as usual,
which brings out that sports car desire to once again hit
the road in our ever so fun loving Fiero. This year we
will have the pleasure of having John Carlo on more runs
as he has just completed the purchase of a beautiful
burgundy 88 Formula out of the Seattle area. Johns’
excitement was evident in the meeting, as well as on his
blog/thread under (RBS-in limbo) Congratulations John!!!
We are anxiously anticipating an exciting season looking
forward to Arlington (Jet City Fieros), Richland
Washngton for Fierofest, P.P.P.C.C. all Pontiac Show,
Group Runs and Picnic BBQ. For those who have considered
attending, but have had past regrets about clubs in
general, I urge you to come out and see what you are
missing. I believe you won’t be disappointed.
Many thanks to Bob at Alder Auto Parts for their support
to club members. 3 locations, Cloverdale, Port Kells/
Surrey, and Aldergrove. On a personal note I have dealt
with Alder Auto in Port Kells for over 15 years, and I
find their prices, knowledge, and supply time to be
outstanding. Though I only know a few people there,
Shawn, Barry, and Deb, they are always friendly, with
customer service focussed as number 1. Please support
them as they do, for us.    Fiero - We Drive Excitement!
Please remember Dues are due by March meeting.

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 15 June 2015 at 10:09pm
Next meeting will be on thursday June 9th, we will try doing it on a weekday this month and hopefully more people will be able to attend and still have their weekend for summer fun.

From the all pontiac show and shine

Well it was a sunny and hot day on the asphalt today
with 5 cars in attendance. Red Willy (Maureen),
Harrison, Ken, John Carlo and Myself (Glenn). With I
believe to be over 60 cars in attendance there was a
good mix, but less than last year, however we had 5
cars there last year and did so again this year, so we
are at 100%. :) We brought the pop up canopy and
cooler and all enjoyed the day in the shade, looking
out over the cars and the people attending. There were
lots of give a ways and we missed by merely 2 numbers
a couple of times. ( as well did the others in out
group) Awards time came at 15:00h and when our
category was called, Maureen took 2nd place with her
88 Silver GT. I had teased Harrison, saying if you win
we are banning you next year as I was sure he had it
as he did last year. To my surprise I was called as
1st place winner in the Fiero Class with the 87
Burgundy GT. Wow. Thanking all who attended as it is
always good conversation with our group. Well done.

From this months meeting:
The June 13th meeting was nothing more than a ripple
in the water with John and Jim attending. Meeting was
nothing more than a get together but still good.
Reminder to anyone attending Fierofest. The meet is
July 31 to August 2 (2015) in Richland Washington and
well worth the trip. I have been told that there is a
Christian Band group going there that weekend so it
has been strongly recommended to book the hotel early.
Shilo Inn in Richland. For registration for Fierofest
please see the link on our web site, and early
deadline is July 3rd. This will save you additional
$$$$ and guarantee you a T-Shirt which are pretty
novel I may add. Additional info will be found on that
link as well.   

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 08 September 2015 at 9:31am
This months meeting is this Thursday, September 10th
At the A&W on king George and ~74th in surrey at 6:30 pm
Info in our forums.


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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 15 March 2016 at 2:42pm

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 15 March 2016 at 2:43pm

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 25 August 2017 at 12:26pm
BBQ this weekend!!!
Sunday August 27th in Abbotsford at noon.

details and address on the forum" rel="nofollow - here

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 11 December 2018 at 10:26am
Mini Christmas gathering 2018!

December 18th 7pm. A&W in Walnut Grove at 204 and 88. We will do a more formal Christmas meeting in January.

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Posted By: D_sensitized
Date Posted: 18 April 2019 at 9:47am
Tuesday November 12th at A&W in walnut grove, 204th and 88th.
6:30 ish start time.
I’ll bring my 3800 Fiero, so long as I’ve put it back together by then.

Forums aren’t working right now for some reason.
Facebook group is good to go though.

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