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WTD Multiple items

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Topic: WTD Multiple items
Posted By: cshack92
Subject: WTD Multiple items
Date Posted: 25 July 2019 at 5:19pm
Hello All, 

This will be my first post. I have a 1986 GT  with 218k miles. I'm looking to replace the suspension all around, and what seems to be the preferred method for the rear is the swap to the 1988 rear cradle, allowing for the tri-link suspension.  The front suspension is of more debate, and I am open to suggestions, especially from anyone with the parts necessary to make it happen. 
My end goal is to swap out for a 3800sc and 4T65eHD (or other suitable trans, preferably 5sp or 4sp w/ overdrive) sitting on an 88 cradle. As of now this project is in its infancy, as instead I've got the original 2.8 and 3spd auto, and the car is seeing part failures left and right. Some of these are easy enough to replace, while others seem to be complex in their approach. 

Things I am not sure about:
Are there any rear hub options that allow a better way of replacing the bearings? 
What options are there for steering column/int. shaft/ u-joint what will later be easy to attach an EPS system?
Are the steering column/shaft, u-joints directly interchangeable with a more readily available part?
Will the swap be able to compensate for more modern power draws (ex: infotainment sys. , EPS, Keyless entry, etc.)
Is the radiator sufficient for the 3800?
Are the rear and front sway bars the same dimensions? will a front fit in the rear and vice versa?
Is there room to run dual calipers on the 88 rotors?
Has anyone attempted create a sharper turning radius by altering the knucks on either year model?
Can an auxiliary battery be added? If so, how?

Things I am surely going to need to buy:

1,   1988 rear cradle & components
2,   1988 front susp. setup or better
3,   Steering culumn/int. shaft/ujoint (everything from the rack to the driver, except steering wheel) NOTE: I am willing to entertain the prospect of buying someones EPS if I can be sure it is worth it. 
4,   Sway bars front and rear. 
5,   Exhaust tips (orig) and shield
6,   Bushing housings for all bushings that require them to be retained. 
7,   dew wipes outer and felt guides, driver and passenger. 

I am also looking for more aesthetic parts such as trim, windows sail scoops, etc. but those are obviously not the priority until my car stops falling apart. 
If anyone has these parts, I will be willing to make an offer once I see that they will work. 
I live in central MO, but would be willing to make a small trip if I can get multiple of these items at once. I am willing to work out shipping for any others. 

Posted By: beken
Date Posted: 01 August 2019 at 12:37pm
Most the people left in our club have moved over to our Facebook group.   I will post a link back to this topic on our FB group.  

Welcome to the Westcoast Fieros of BC forum.  


Beken (aka Ken) -   Original and still the owner of an 85SE 2M6 4spd

Posted By: cshack92
Date Posted: 01 August 2019 at 12:57pm
Oh No!! I will have to see if my wife is tolerant of the idea of adding the page to our Facebook. I'm not sure she will share my enthusiasm. Thank you for the heads up!

Posted By: beken
Date Posted: 01 August 2019 at 4:03pm
My personal thought is the Fiero suspension is extremely compromised. Even the 88 suspension, though quite good, is in my opinion, too heavy. The overall wheelbase length is too short by a few inches and the V6 engine centre of gravity is a bit too high. Even worse for the pre-88 cars as the front and rear suspension (coming from different cars) have unbalanced suspension travel and weight distribution.

That being said, for a 1980's car, it was still a pretty good effort from GM. It just could have used some refinement.

I don't know of any aftermarket suspension swap easily available that is a perfect fix for the Fiero's suspension issues, though many have given it a good try.

Some of parts are getting hard to find if you are looking for new parts. I wished GM was more like Mazda or Datsun/Nissan who have a heritage factory restoration parts division.

I'm thinking, if you did all the things you wanted to the Fiero, especially if you do the work yourself, you might still end up paying close to a modern c8 corvette (Midengined) after it comes off lease.

But then, I'm a cheapskate. As I have a friend who recently completed his frame off full restore of a Datsun 1600. He said he spent close to $40K to do it. The car is absolutely gorgeous. Even spending $1000 on my Fiero is a challenge for me.


Beken (aka Ken) -   Original and still the owner of an 85SE 2M6 4spd

Posted By: Capt Fiero
Date Posted: 01 August 2019 at 5:05pm
I miss the Montabahn.....   (you have to be older like in your 40's to get the joke)

     Well seeing as you are in Montana, the drive would be a bit of a killer, and we would need to setup a sizable pile of parts to justify the drive.

           I have a ton of parts here, some of them are what you want, IE front controls arms that are freshly rebuilt, with new ball joints and new poly bushings.  Misc trim bits, but I am not sure if I have enough stuff to warrant that kinda drive, and the shipping would be nasty on heavy items.    I'll see if I can dig into some boxes and see what I can come up with from your list.

      As to rear bearings, it does not matter, 88 or 87 the rear bearings are the same.  Yes the suspension is totally diffrent but GM chose to use the same bearings.   Until you are over 400hp or road racing at over 100mph every weekend they are fine, after that you would want to move the to the larger W-Body (IIRC) hubs and bearings.   Its not an easy swap, requiring machining and welding but they are supposed to be stronger in the racing groups.

Capt Fiero
88 Fiero GT 5spd V6
Eight Fifty Seven GT V8 5spd.

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