Thursday, April 18, 2019

Tuesday November 12th at A&W in walnut grove, 204th and 88th.
6:30 ish start time.
I’ll bring my 3800 Fiero, so long as I’ve put it back together by then.

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Facebook group is good to go though. D_sensitized2019-11-06 21:32:23


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Situated in the lower mainland of British Columbia, our club enjoys a mild climate. As a result, we often hold outings throughout the year. Club events, how-to support, locate cars or parts discounts with local retailer, Club meetings locations and times are announced in the meetings forum.

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Membership benefits include:

  • How-to support.
  • Help locating cars or parts.
  • Food and beverages at some events.
  • Discounts from local vendors.
Introduce yourself, or come to our next club meeting to join!

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